Classes from a professional that is young simply completed repaying $222,817.26 of figuratively speaking

Classes from a professional that is young simply completed repaying $222,817.26 of figuratively speaking

Quartz at the job reporter

The thumbnail for Caitlin Boston’s “Student Loan Debt Celebration” YouTube video clip, now making the rounds on social media marketing, has a deliberately ridiculous vibe.

It features Boston, a 34-year-old technology worker in ny, in a purple catsuit and jokduri, a tiny, elegant top typically used by Korean brides. She’s flanked by back-up dancers in sandwich boards showing buck indications. But don’t be tricked: In the event that video clip is gathering views by the thousands, it is as a result of its surprisingly layered message, the one that’s part monetary advice, component affirmation of life after loss.

Into the opening of her four-minute performance that is long Boston dances wordlessly, with glee, to Lizzo’s anthem of success, “Good as Hell. ” Meanwhile, captions in the bottom regarding the display display screen tell the story of exactly just exactly how Boston, in the last ten years, was able to pay back $222,817.26 in pupil financial obligation, significantly more than $75,000 of that has been interest alone. “i did so all of it by my freaking that is single self like in, no family members moving me personally $$$ at any point, ” the writing states.

We learn, too, that Boston has resided through significant traumatization into the ten years since graduating—most somewhat, her father’s committing committing suicide six years back, but additionally her mother’s stroke, and exactly just exactly what the disintegration is called by her of her family members.

Then, right before the mark that is two-minute given that music switches to “Money (That’s just What i would like), ” plus the dance buck indications arrive, Boston promises to share with you the main thing which includes permitted her to achieve that debt-free time, Aug. 6, 2019, which will have now been her father’s 72nd birthday celebration.Continue reading