Why ladies are looking at Tumblr due to their key porn fix

Why ladies are looking at Tumblr due to their key porn fix

Tumblr has unexpectedly develop into a porn haven and it is appearing especially favored by ladies. Rebecca Reid reports

1:20PM BST 13 Aug 2015

The sight of a twenty-something girl staring at her phone couldn’t be less shocking. Nonetheless it might attention you to definitely understand that while the woman sitting across that she might be perusing her very own perfectly collated collection of porn from you at lunch might be checking her bank balance or Instagramming her breakfast, it’s equally possible.

Tumblr, a running a blog website, is most commonly known for the amusing display shots of conversations that find yourself on other web sites such as for instance Buzzfeed and Twitter. It is a church that is broad web web hosting going photos (Gifs) of kitties, children, pizza and Harry Potter memes. But there’s an entire opposite side to it that makes it ever more popular with twenty-something females – for Tumblr is just a haven for porn.

A research a few years ago concluded 11.4 per cent of Tumblr’s blogs were “adult”. Meaning that a staggering one in 10 of its blogs included pictures of men and women doing the nasty. And that ended up being couple of years ago.

Once I quizzed a team of my other twenty one thing ladies about why Tumblr porn had been having a moment – simplicity of use ended up being the theme that is common their reactions. “It’s quick, concise, all under one roof, plus it’s strangely hypnotic to look at oral intercourse on cycle in a Gif, ” one friend explained.Continue reading