Gaming Almanac Figures Show Casino Revenues Growing Across US

Gaming Almanac Figures Show Casino Revenues Growing Across US

There have already been great deal of the latest casino spaces across the U.S., and overall, profits are accelerating. Today(Image source: Indian Country)

If you should be in america these times, then you aren’t too far far from at least one casino. It’s no secret that there is been massive casino expansion all over the united states within the last decade, as more states have actually wanted to profit in the potential income streams that brick-and-mortar gambling can bring. And according to the latest reports, that tactic seems to be working for many of them.

The 2013-2014 North American Gaming Almanac premiered this week, bringing more particulars of actual figures to light. The annual report on the nation’s video gaming industry includes a state-by-state breakdown for the revenues each state earns from gambling, including how those figures have changed over time.

Nevada Not Soaring

For many states, based on the report, the news is fantastic if you started by looking at Las Vegas though you might not know that. In Nevada, gambling revenues stood at $9.8 billion in 2000, but after rising for several years, they took a hit following the 2008 recession. Which means that in 2011, Nevada was again bringing in you guessed it — $9.8 billion from gambling. New figures for Nevada do look more promising, though, with the state recording a 7.4 percent increase in year-over-year profits in according to the statContinue reading