What is Lena Dunham got against sex work?

What is Lena Dunham got against sex work?

As an individual who gets compensated to imagine to take pleasure from sex that is having tv, you can easily imagine exactly just how confusing Dunham’s place on prostitution is always to those of us whom really do intercourse work with an income

Lena Dunham, a lady whom by many accounts has never really had to worry just about every day inside her life about spending lease and placing meals on the dining table, put her title for a petition directed at stopping ladies all over the world from doing just exactly what she does on tv right in front of many people on a consistent foundation: acting like she’s enjoying intercourse for cash.

The petition contends that decriminalizing prostitution “would, in place, fortify the pillars of a multi-billion dollar industry that preys regarding the many marginalized and susceptible populations for commercial intimate exploitation.” Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson and Anne Hathaway are on the list of other signatories.

It had been launched in reaction to Amnesty International’s Draft Policy On Sex Work, which supports the universal decriminalization of intercourse work. The human being liberties company formally adopted the career at a gathering of its delegates in Dublin week that is last.

“Sex employees are perhaps one of the most marginalized teams in the field, whom generally in most instances face constant danger of discrimination, physical physical violence and punishment,” said Amnesty secretary basic Salil Shetty while explaining that criminalizing the trade just drives it dangerously underground.

It is possible to imagine just just how Dunham’s that is confusing position to those of us whom do intercourse work with a full time income.Continue reading