Have a look at action 5: Cover with foam

Have a look at action 5: Cover with foam

If you’re a critical masochist, you might like to skip this task. To tell the truth you want true discomfort to go along with the pain of being spanked, you can skip the next couple of steps entirely and go straight to attaching your lashing rings if you prefer the sensation of solid wood against your skin and.

However, if, anything like me, you might be a valuable princess whom calls for absolute convenience while she’s being railed just like the final girl in the world, you need to make your dining table a whole lot softer.

Grab the polyurethane foam, the basic weapon, and all the swearwords you understand. I’m an admirer of ‘fuckarse’ ‘shit’ and ‘pisstits’ but use whatever’s at hand.

Kinky DIY dining table top sitting on hateful terrible polyurethane foam

Basically everything you need to do is stretch the polyurethane foam throughout the plywood top, then basic it to your underside associated with the frame.Continue reading