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Capcom’s Gunsmoke and Commando coin-ops paved the way for countless games presented in the same vein, and Kikikaikai is one of the finest examples you’ll see on the SNES. More difficult than its slightly prettier sequel , it chronicles the exploits of a young, reifu-throwing sorceress and her cuddly raccoon companion. As you’d expect from a game with a name like this, it’s packed to the rafters with Japanese weirdness, and we love it dearly. Sunsoft’s second ‘tribute’ to Super Puyo Puyo (their first was Hebereke’s Popoon) sees them getting just that little bit closer to its greatness.

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Popoittouses the same link-four-colors concept and peppers the gameplay area with a number of nasties which have to be removed before you can even think about moving on to the next stage. And before you ask, no, we’ve no idea what Popoittomeans, either. If any game company is synonymous with any one particular type of game, it is Takara and beat-‘em-ups. This SNES version lacks the screen-scaling of the coin-op/Neo Geo original, and it’s not as polished as we would have liked, but it retains enough of the original’s flavor to make it worthwhile. I’d slaughter a pig and bathe in its blood if Nintendo released a new 2d Metroid on the e-shop.

I’m not going to bother with a list as everyone has already mentioned my favorites, but I did want to add Tetris Attack for consideration. My brothers and I used to play this endlessly dropping blocks on each other. Tough decision but Kirby games are always just shy of greatness imo.

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The gameplay, environments, music and visuals were all improvements on the original. Using 2 smaller and more agile characters made the game a lot more fast paced than DK country 1 and the game’s difficulty was just right. As in making you want to break your controller at times but then making you feel amazing that you beat the level. This is donkey Kong country 1 but more fully realized.

  • First off , but each of those cores will need a different rom version for whatever games you want.
  • Its also possible, but less likely, that the game is not compatible with the emulator at the moment.
  • As extraction methods improve or advance, more data, or more "correct" data can be read from the original PCB.
  • MAME4droid emulates arcade games supported by original MAME 0.37b5 plus some additional games from newer MAME versions.
  • Reasons for the roms becoming more accurate/changing is perhaps that a rom was missed previously, encrypted or damaged, and now that it is available a given version of MAME expects to find those changed or new files.

Its Super pokemon y rom citra Mario World but more creative and bold.Having to save Donkey Kong, the main character from the original game, was also a clever twist. The pseudo-3d visuals gave it a unique and memorable look and ts It’s difficult yet fair platforming gameplay stood out enough to challenge Mario as the genre’s best. It’s environments were varied and the animal companions/bonus stages kept the game feeling fresh. I love how the world’s in this game felt alive thanks to the visuals and sounds working so well together. You’re going to hear this a lot on this list, but the soundtrack is also very on-point.

Same for a 2d RPG with the quality of Chrono Trigger. A new 2d Final Fantasy would be sweet as hell too, and on and on. Not sure which of all the SNES games mentioned so far you would equate to eshop "indie" quality right down to shovelware?? Aside from like a very small handful of games brought up so far, most games on this thread so far were major games, especially back in the early 90’s. Could be Teranigma, any of the Breath of Fire games, Contra, Mystic Ninja, X2 or X3, Yoshi Island, Kirby Dreamland 3, DK 2, or some other game I’m forgetting.