It’s A Small World In The End. Have you ever wondered

 It’s A Small World In The End. Have you ever wondered if the e-mail you addressed to Rice but delivered to USC traveled between the two schools? Did your high college therapist actually used to sit close to your admission counselor at your ideal college? Are they really nevertheless buddies? Exactly How did the YouTube video clip you designed for your senior school royal resort las vegas house that is open it to the admission counselor that is interviewing you? Do counselors who just work at rival schools spend time!?

Degree is a tiny world. This image, from left to right, is Joel Hart (Pomona university), Meredith Britt ( brand New Jewish Community High School) and I during the 2013 WACAC Conference. Joel, Meredith and I all went along to Vanderbilt and while we overlapped here, both as pupils and within the admission office, we never knew one another until we connected at the job (Meredith and I worked at USC together) and at WACAC. If you are like most of my friends, you are chuckling as you say WACAC out loud. WACAC is short for Western Association of College Admission Counselors and is a local part for the nationwide Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC) this is the overarching professional organization for higher education experts. Every summer time, the various local organizations meet for the three day meeting on issues facing our occupation and exactly how we can improve the work that individuals do (while wearing name that is snazzy). Into the autumn, NACAC hasContinue reading