Kanger Auro Starter Kit Preview – Kanger A Bit Late To The Pod / Pen Hybr >

Kanger Auro Starter Kit Preview – Kanger A Bit Late To The Pod / Pen Hybr >

The Kanger Auro Starter kit is really a brand new pod mod and vape pen design hybrid kit.

The kit consists of a battery pack component and a disposable tank / pod.

So What Does The Kanger Auro Starter Kit Have To Give You?

Anybody look that is else Kanger recently and feel a little sad? Their products or services seem to have all been done prior to and at the very least a 12 months ago…

By way of example the pod and pen combination ‘s been around for quite a while – i do believe for the Innokin GoMax, Freemax Gemm and Vaporesso Podstick.

Firstly studying the battery or “Mod” area of the kit which offers the ability.

There clearly was an inside 2000mAh battery and also this provides complete energy production. This means the charged energy is certainly not regulated – so will likely be greater when completely charged that can decrease whilst the battery charge level drops.

The real energy output is perhaps not stated.

To charge this utilize the Micro USB port and it will up be charged at to 1A price.

An indicator that is LED included which surrounds the fire key and can show battery pack capacity remaining – in a fashion. It really remains green through to the battery pack is significantly less than 20% charged.

Shifting into the tank now – which will be a disposable pod design. What this means is it is possible to refill it with your personal e-liquid nevertheless when the coil has expired the tank is disposed of and replaced.Continue reading