A * Men Ultimate, the new male Mugler



A * Men Ultimate, the new male Mugler

A * Men Ultimate, a new star shines at Thierry Mugler!

After giving birth to the very first sweet fragrance in female perfumery, Thierry Mugler decided, in 1996, to make his male counterpart. This is how A * Men made its appearance on our shelves, to become one of the most emblematic essences of the 90s. Timeless, this juice has also been able to reinvent itself year after year. Even today, it gives birth to a new edition of its scent. After 2017’s A * Men Kryptomint, get ready to welcome A * Men Ultimate, a bluish star more magnetic and electrifying than ever!

A * Men Ultimate, the return of Thierry Mugler’s iconic bottle

A * Men Ultimate is presented in the historic bottle of the A * Men collection. It must be said that the latter has become a real icon in the men’s perfume department. Designed in 1996 by Thierry Mugler himself, it is inspired by a male flask, while reinventing it. Its curves give it a tender and generous side, while its solid base sets the pledge of all his virility. Its blue star still stands proudly on its front face. Now, a new rubber shell protects this bottle. Its electric blue color is ideally designed to attract the eye. A * Men Ultimate already promises not to go unnoticed!

A * Men Ultimate, the universe of super heroes as a source of inspiration

Visual ad A * Men Ultimate
Visual ad A * Men Ultimate

Like all the perfumes of the A * Men collection, this new juice is inspired by the super heroes typical of the 50s comics. It must be said that the Marvel have never been so fashionable as they are now, a real godsend for the perfume of Thierry Mugler! A * Men Ultimate is “the expression of an inner strength that pulsates with sensual and magnetic masculinity”. Nothing seems to be able to stop the man who wears this perfume. A * Men Ultimate “reflects the light-strewn darkness, using the intensity of the ingredients to express the magnetic vibrations that run through the universe. I wanted to imagine the scent of the light going from dawn to dusk, he said. To show the first twinkling of the stars, the city lights, the skyscrapers of New York… ”

A * Men Ultimate, a fresh and very masculine scent

A * Men Ultimate is broken down into two successive stages . Thus, it brings together very different ingredients to create an explosion of flavors. First, it contains bergamot, a slightly bitter, sparkling and very invigorating citrus fruit. Then, this apparent clarity is opposed to a much drier and woody touch of cedar. This ingredient amplifies the tenacity of the A * Men Ultimate perfume, while giving it more virility. Finally, as Thierry Mugler is a master in the art of using gluttony, A * Men Ultimate also contains a touch of Mochacinno coffee, for a totally irresistible result! This unique signature fragrance navigates between daring and refinement. From then on, he brings “a new adventure every day”.