Amber pour Homme Intense: a raw perfume for the Prada man



Amber pour Homme Intense: a raw perfume for the Prada man
Amber pour Homme Intense: a raw perfume for the Prada man

The days of Prada’s first perfumes are now over. Amber pour Homme was considered one of the most beautiful fragrances of 2006, the year of its release. In order to open a new chapter flavored with this beautiful story, Daniela Andrieux gave a major successor to her first success in 2011: Amber pour Homme Intense. Warm, raw, the work of amber for Amber Homme Intense is authentic and the trail as elegant as it is manly …

Amber pour Homme Intense or “The characteristic elegance of Prada perfumes”

Miuccia Prada, legendary director of the Prada house since 1977, remains an unconditional lover of traditional and elegant creations as much as of brilliant innovations combining luxury and originality. In true mistress of the know-how of the house Prada of its venerable ancestor Mario, it combines traditions and novelties as much in fashion as in perfumery.

Amber pour Homme thus played on its magnificent contrasts between past, present and future to offer a unique fragrance to an elegant and timeless man. This time for Amber pour Homme Intense, the originality of the opulent floral notes will give way to warm spices and smoldering woods between amber minerality and warm sensuality.

Amber’s man pour Homme Intense asserts itself only by its velvety and warm presence, the raw materials are of excellence and the composition of Daniela Andrieux minimalist, as if to get to the point.

Besides, no muse for this new opus Amber pour Homme Intense! Only the perfume, from the top of its magnificent object bottle, remains in close-up photographed in black and white in the most sober and aesthetic way possible.

“Amber Pour Homme Eau de Parfum Intense brings back the original elegance of Amber Pour Homme. The deep accords of the original fragrance give way to amber which expresses itself in finesse and sobriety. »Prada for Amber pour Homme Intense.

A dizzying oriental amber signed Prada for Amber pour Homme Intense

The beautifully designed object bottle created for Amber pour Homme in 2006 remains unchanged for this new 2011 opus Amber pour Hommes Intense. Only the colors of the glass are tinted with smoky black, so dear to Prada, in order to surround this niche fragrance with an ultra-masculine mystery .

Amber pour Homme Intense opens with soapy and very traditional notes, of course approaching the scent of the barber of yesteryear. The Sicilian bergamot, powerful and tangy, punctuates this departure with its fresh touch. At the heart, the hot and sensual Indonesian patchouli is enveloped in a smoke of Somali myrrh all spiced up with some exotic notes of saffron. Of course, amber depths are the order of the day and combine for the most beautiful sensuality with leather notes. A hint of Madagascan vanilla adds an effect of gluttony to these scorching heat.

“The list of ingredients – minimalist but of exceptional quality – conveys the characteristic modern elegance of Prada fragrances, without a cliché, to reveal amber in its most sincere expression. Prada for Amber for men Intense.