Amore da Venezia Eau De Parfum



Vendor: Fragrenza
Type: Niche Fragrance
9.99 – 72.99
(3 variants)

Amore da Venezia is a delicious and modern blend of Mediterranean citrus and sweet fruits layered over a warm and sensual amber oriental base. Amore da Venezia opens with sweet, radiant tones of citrus, mingling bright orange and lemon with lovely serene bergamot. The heart is lush with Mediterranean fruits infused with warm, mesmerizing nuances of Bourbon vanilla. Amber and white musk in the base notes create a clean yet intimate finish that leaves a simple, summery trail.

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Lemon
Middle Notes: Fruity notes
Base Notes: Ambergris, Bourbon vanilla, White musk

Compare to Erba Pura

Amore da Venezia A fragrance by Fragrenza. This is a niche perfume alternative clone similar to Erba Pura  Niche Fragrance