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    Annayake Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care



    Annayake Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care
    Annayake Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care

    With Annayake Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care, the years will have no impact on you.

    Annayake is a French cosmetics brand that nevertheless plunges us into the heart of Japanese know-how. Indeed, the brand attaches great importance to plant ingredients, and is very often inspired by traditional Asian cosmetology. Thus, affording an Annayake treatment amounts to benefiting from 80 years of advanced research, and 2000 years of respected tradition. The Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care takes us to the heart of Japan, and intends to limit the effects of time on your skin. As its name suggests, it is a product that aims to reduce wrinkles, but also to limit their appearance. Like Asian women, you will thus keep your beauty and your eternal youth as long as possible!

    Why is the skin aging?

    Aging is a completely natural and inevitable phenomenon. However, it is possible to slow down the pace and limit the appearance of wrinkles by taking a few precautions. Be aware that there are two different types of aging. Intrinsic aging is individual and genetically determined. It depends on the activity of your sebaceous and sweat glands, your cell renewal, and the natural elasticity of your skin. Indeed, over time, your skin becomes less flexible and dries out more easily. Dead cells tend to accumulate more on its surface, making it grayer. Pigment irregularities can appear and the skin also becomes less tight. Wrinkles deepen and the dermis is less well irrigated because its vascular network is less dense. Then there is extrinsic skin aging. It is caused by a set of environmental factors such as the sun, tobacco, stress, unhealthy diet, dehydration or pollution. To fight against these environmental and genetic effects, Annayake has designed the Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care. This product comes to the aid of weakened skins, and intends to protect you as much as possible from the devastating effects of time.

    Limit the appearance of wrinkles with Annayake Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care

    Annayake Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care preserves the skin from wrinkles by notably limiting skin dryness problems. This cream provides an absolute and immediate response to all sensitive, naturally fragile or damaged skin. Indeed, with age, some skins tend to become much more vulnerable. The Repair Care Extreme Anti-Age Annayakewas designed to help them. For this, it contains a revolutionary active previously used in medicine and ophthalmology: Poly MPC. This active replaces the skin and protects it. Thus, it allows him to repair himself in peace. The rich and melting texture of the Extreme Anti-Aging Repairing Care immediately penetrates the heart of the epidermis. Its non-greasy and fragrance-free formula acts discreetly on your skin to make it more supple, brighter and more comfortable. From then on, your face regains all its tone and firmness. Therefore, wrinkles fade on their own.