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    Anti-Blemish Solutions from Clinique; the foundation for sensitive skin!



    Anti-Blemish Solutions from Clinique;  the foundation for sensitive skin!
    Anti-Blemish Solutions from Clinique; the foundation for sensitive skin!

    Anti-Blemish Solutions by Clinique, the foundation for sensitive skin

    Clinique is today one of the most famous cosmetic brands on the planet. Founded in 1968, it very quickly specialized in the manufacture of refined and high-performance skincare products. Each of its products is scientifically studied to respond to specific issues. Little by little, on the strength of its notoriety, the Clinique house developed its range of products and entered the world of make-up. However, dermatological care is never far away and its foundations, as such, incorporate natural active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation is a highly advanced makeup product designed specifically for people with skin sensitive to redness and blemishes.

    Anti-Blemish Solutions, the SOS treatment for problem skin

    Some people have particularly sensitive skin. Indeed, some skins naturally lack hydration and sebum to protect them. Consequently, they are subject to the full force of external aggressions such as temperature variations or pollution. This is especially true when it is cold. These fragile skins then tend to become uncomfortable and create small redness that tugs throughout the day. Others, on the other hand, tend to have large pores and small imperfections appear. It is therefore precisely to help these types of skin that the Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation was designed.from Clinique. It is a non-irritating product that instantly provides a feeling of well-being. Designed without fatty substances, it helps reduce imperfections and neutralize redness. It ensures a feeling of freshness and flexibility throughout the day. Its treatment formula does more than just camouflage imperfections. It also prevents their appearances. The Clinique Foundation contains a mattifying effect and acts against acne. In other words, it leaves your skin as naturally beautiful as when it was put on makeup.

    Anti-Blemish Solutions, a very covering foundation

    Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation is highly regarded for its optimal coverage. In a single pass, it illuminates the face while camouflaging small imperfections. However, it retains a certain lightness and lets the skin breathe. To get as close as possible to your natural skin tone, it comes in an infinity of different colors, starting from very light shades to much more sustained tones. To apply it, Clinique recommends shaking the bottle well and placing a few drops on the back of your hand. Then, you just need to spread it with your fingertips or with the help of a brush, starting from the center of your face and stretching it outwards. On the other hand, for an optimal result, do not forget to wash your make-up utensils correctly and regularly. Without this,