Apogée, the immensity of nature in a perfume bottle



Apogée, the immensity of nature in a bottle
Apogée, the immensity of nature in a bottle

It was only 14 years old that the young Louis Vuitton decided to leave his native Jura in order to “go up” to Paris for a career there … A successful bet, surely beyond even his expectations … Luxury leather goods, watchmaking, cosmetics, perfumery, Louis Vuitton has diversified through the ages with success and talent. The creation of the “Vuitton Building” in 1914, at 70 Champs Elysées and living proof of its success. In 2016, the Vuitton house decided to imagine an extraordinary olfactory creation. “Apogée” is part of this collection of 7 unusual fragrances .

Pinnacle, beauty and sensitivity in its purest form

The “Louis Vuitton Parfums” collection was imagined by the nose Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Very attached to nature and to the gardens of Grasse, the latter has decided to offer fragrances that respect nature’s sensitivity as much as possible. Each fragrance pays homage to a raw material, noble and precious. This collection would undoubtedly not have been complete, if it did not count among them, the lily of the valley. Being one of Jacques Cavallier’s favorite flowers, who finds lily of the valley offers a poetic scent, he couldn’t imagine a fragrance without it. Lily of the valley symbolizes renewal, the beauty of nature on the eve of spring. “Apogée” olfactively transcribes the sensation of a fresh lily of the valley hoisted on an Everest of fullness. A concentrate of innocence, “Apogée” has the effect of an eternal rebirth.

Apogée pays homage to lily of the valley

“Apogée” is defined as a floral essence. “Apogée” symbolizes both purity, innocence and renewal and its little white bells are in the spotlight here. “Apogée” takes off on the tangy scent of orange, fresh and invigorating citrus. Apogée’s heart is filled with the beauty of lily of the valley. The latter is associated with jasmine, rose, magnolia, thus offering a magnificent floral bouquet. The base is sustained and sensual thanks to the presence of white musks, guaiac wood and sandalwood. The bottle is the same for the 7 fragrances.

They are the work of Australian designer Marc Newson. Very popular, the latter is known for its daring and refined designs. It is precisely this minimalist bottle that we discover here for “Apogée”. The glass is heavy, the shape is cylindrical and resembles an apothecary’s vial. The whole is topped with a black metallic cap highlighting the brand‘s “LV” emblem. Its transparent base lets us glimpse the yellow color of its sweet nectar.

Lily of the valley is in the spotlight with “Apogée”. A wonderful composition where the white bells take on all their meaning. Filled with innocence and renewal, “Apogée” delivers a message of purity and joy of living.