Astro Parfum May 2014



Sign of the Month “Taurus” (04/21 – 05/20): Which scents correspond to your astrological sign?

Astro Perfume

Jeanne de Lanvin
Jeanne de Lanvin

This month the “Taurus” women are in the spotlight: now it’s up to us to find the fragrance that will be in perfect harmony with your astrological sign. Together, let’s find the scent that sticks to your skin!

Women’s Perfume – Astro Parfum

Taurus is an Earth sign that seeks above all sweetness and freshness. The scent of “Taurus” is very associated with security. Protective by nature, the “bull” knows how to reassure and protect those close to him.
He also likes to seduce, he’s a calm and calm person who always thinks before acting. This is why the “Taurus” will always opt for discreet, flowery, soft and sweet fragrances, reminiscent of the scents of spring. He will often choose his perfume while always seeking to keep a part of authenticity.

Feminine Perfume – Astro Parfum

Mme Taureau will sometimes adopt gourmet, powdery or even sweet fragrances to give a little wild side to her peaceful and sweet temperament! What composition for your perfume?

The perfume that corresponds to your personality will be mainly composed of aromatic, woody, floral, fruity or musky notes… And from time to time one will be able to find within the composition a hint of tuberous or green florals.

Plants and essences

Prada Candy Floral Water
Prada Candy Floral Water

thrush on
the Rosehip
tonka bean
fragrant berries
fruity fragrances like fig
thyme the
the sage

Women’s Perfume – Your Perfect Perfume

Very Irresistible L'Eau Rose by Givenchy
Very Irresistible L’Eau Rose by Givenchy

Jeanne de Lanvin

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It is the couturier Monsieur Alber Elbaz who is hiding behind this pretty little couture creation on Jeanne de Lanvin’s bottle. He imagined a stunning tulle and glass dress. Jeanne de Lanvin is a true couture fragrance through a modern, floral and fruity fragrance. Perfect for a Madame Taurus!

Prada Candy Floral Water

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Prada Candy Florale est un floral poudré aux notes rempli de sensualité. Le Parfum Prada Candy Florale a été inspiré d’une fleur imaginaire, qui nous rappelle les tendres bonbons de notre enfance ou des délicieuses glaces à l’italienne.

Nina L'Eau by Nina Ricci
Nina L’Eau de Nina Ricci

Givenchy Very Irresistible L’Eau en Rose

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Le Parfum de Givenchy, Very Irresistible L’Eau en Rose, est une fragrance qui dévoile la fleur emblématique sous toutes ses formes : La Rose. Dans cette fragrance la rose a été revisitée de façon gourmande et délicieuse.

Nina L’Eau de Nina Ricci

Classic by Jean Paul Gaultier
Classique de Jean Paul Gaultier

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Le Parfum Nina L’Eau de Nina Ricci est un parfum passionnément raffiné, qui saura carresser délicatement votre peau, pour laisser sur son passage un doux sillage frais et sucré. Toujours présenté dans son emblématique flacon : qui saura résister à la tentation de cette irresistible pomme ?

Classique de Jean Paul Gaultier

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Le Parfum de Jean Paul Gaultier Classique est un incontournable des parfums féminins, il saura vous rendre sensuelles et ultra-féminines tout en jouant sur votre caractère discret. Classique de Jean Paul Gaultier est conçu pour les séductrices.

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