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    Azzaro Extreme Chrome: The Scent of the Abyss



    Azzaro Extreme Chrome: The Scent of the Abyss
    Azzaro Extreme Chrome: The Scent of the Abyss

    Azzaro Extreme Chrome: when the depths of the ocean give birth to a fragrance

    In 1978, Azzaro gave birth to his very first male fragrance. Then, it was not until 1996 to see the iconic Chrome appear. Still one of the best-selling juices on the planet, Chrome keeps reinventing itself year after year. However, 2020 marks a real turning point in its history. For the very first time, Azzaro is offering us an Eau de Parfum version of Chrome! Chrome Extrême is bringing a breath of fresh air to the perfume department more than ever. As proof, Azzaro has chosen to draw inspiration from the depths of the ocean to craft his new essence.

    Extreme Chrome: welcome to the ocean depths!

    The Azzaro house has always made natural elements a source of inspiration. Moreover, water occupies a place of choice in its scented compositions. Italian-born Loris Azzaro, founder of the brand, has long been fascinated by the beauty of the Mediterranean. The first Chrome fragrance was therefore born from water and azure. Once again, the immense bluish surface that runs through our planet serves as the basis for this new composition. Nevertheless, the blue waves seem this time more tumultuous and deeper than before. The sea is raging, as if to reveal to us the explosive temperament of the man who wears this new perfume. If you are looking for an intensely fresh and exciting fragrance, Chrome Extrême is for you!

    A midnight blue color comes to the Azzaro bottle

    Chrome Extrême displays a bottle whose silhouette remains identical to that of its predecessors. Thus, its belonging to the Chrome collection is immediately obvious. Despite its generous curves, the Chrome bottle displays absolute masculinity. His broad shoulders give him a natural charisma. Its base rests on a solid base, a guarantee of stability. Its name is embossed on its front face. The set is still topped with a silver cap, as in the past. The only novelty: the new color of Chrome Extrême. Its iconic blue hue darkens, as if to offer us a dive into the ocean depths. Prepare for the trip: Chrome Extreme is not to be ignored!

    Chrome Extrême, a very contrasting fragrance, between sensuality and freshness

    Azzaro’s Chrome Extrême offers us a real wave of freshness, while playing on contrasts. Very electrifying, this perfume deploys a new very invigorating aquatic experience. It starts off with an accord of green mandarin, before warming up with juniper berries. A true concentrate of adrenaline, Chrome Extrême is gradually letting itself be won over by a more amber trail. It ends with an extreme and authentic virility. Chrome Extreme is for all men looking for new sensations. So, are you ready for this adventure? How about getting lost in the depths of the seabed?