Black XS, the rock star enters the scene



Black XS, the rock star enters the scene
Black XS, the rock star enters the scene

Do you want to offer yourself an emblem of men’s perfumery on the cheap? So, well done, you have just found the right site! Indeed, in addition to being a great couturier, Paco Rabanne is also an unconventional person. Whether in the field of couture, fashion or in the world of perfume, its new codes never cease to surprise. Also, if its first male fragrance dates from 1973, its success is nothing compared to the craze encountered by the very famous Black XS for men released in 2005.

Black XS, a rock legend

When we discover Black XS for Men, it’s a whole universe available to us. Imagine: You are plunged into darkness, more precisely in the heart of a concert hall. The tension is at its height shortly before the rock stars enter the scene. The audience holds their breath. This room has welcomed living legends as well as young authors full of energy and eager to make musical history bounce back with a new writing. So goes life in the rock world and so goes life with Paco Rabanne. This new olfactory frequency is aimed at a new generation of men. They are thirsty for emotions. In fact, they are tough people with a soft heart. They are halfway between tenderness and virility and assume their weaknesses without blushing … In other words, they have a crazy charm! Taking care of their look, they are independent and have character. Quite simply, they assert themselves and their hearts race at the slightest emotion, whether it is a stroke of blood or a stroke of heart. These rebellious-minded tattoos are beautifully sensual. No need to draw a picture, you now have the keys to decipher the whole universe of Black XS, this new rock legend.

A woody fragrance that Paco Rabanne likes to revisit

The fragrance of Black XS for men is generous, haunting and inflamed … Let’s not forget, we have a rock star in our hands! And besides, you can even get it for cheap. No you are not dreaming, you are just in the right place! The freshness of Calabrian lemon and kalamanzi (miniature lemon between bitter orange and lime from the Philippines) electrify its top notes. Its freshness is then accentuated thanks to the aromatic notes of marigold and sage. His heart explodes and the tension rises. The rock star makes the show and sets the stage on fire! Black cardamom and cinnamon enliven a Tolu balm coated with an addictive praline note. Finally, its wake is woody and sensual. It reveals rosewood and ebony on a bed of black amber and patchouli.

However, if you are looking for new sensations, know that the tour did not stop there. Paco Rabanne launched versions of Black XS. Thus, 2013 saw the appearance of Black XS L’Aphrodisiaque. In 2014, Black XS Potion conquered us with its captivating elixir. Then, in 2015, Black XS Be a Legend made us discover another facet of his personality, all in intensity. So, don’t delay and quickly buy your entrance tickets for the show that suits you best!