Dried fruits in perfumery

Dried fruits for flavors from elsewhere ...

Perfumery offers large olfactory families that highlight widespread trends and tastes, in order to please the greatest number of course! And then, some perfumers dare to venture into more disappointed, wilder areas, where the olfactory notes are powerful and rich while being the prerogative of a few initiates. The perfumes that offer the note of dried fruits are created for all the adventurers of the typical oriental scent, of the raw and dry fruit that perfumes the nostrils on a market in Morocco or Egypt ...

Scents with notes of dried fruits

At the beginning of these perfumes of magic which evokes the dry fruit, there is of course the venerable “Talisman” of Balenciaga. Talisman, created in 1994, dares to offer accords that until now seemed unthinkable: high and powerful flowers spring up in top notes accompanied by the note of dried fruits as if to announce the arrival of base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, beeswax. Thus the perfume frees itself from clichés and emerges from the flowery material to offer the magic of a lucky charm that smells of Egypt and its lands… A journey in itself!

The dried fruit note will then go wonderfully with other fragrant trips of the oriental or woody type, sometimes even both! Like Tom Ford's “Tobacco Vanille” which also breaks free from traditional codes to offer, in 2007, a confusing and intoxicating juice from the Orient and spices like an olfactory journey starting with aromatic top notes and spicy, then a heart of pure tobacco which lengthens its trail thanks to the notes of dried fruits, sap and raw cocoa and vanilla, without make-up.

The woody gourmet “Vétiver Tonka” from Hermès already set off in 2004 on these woody and oriental, spicy and waxy trails. The fragrances of its predecessors “Epices Sultanes” or “Volutes” have survived the years to evolve this type of spice-dried fruit-oriental pairings towards ever more creative, more aromatic, more captivating juices ...

Thus the note of dried fruits certainly appears in very few perfumes, but it is always used in a context and an association which magnifies it and which carries the nose towards its sunny and spicy origins. It is perhaps for this reason that, very often, these perfumes are mixed because why should one deprive someone of such a beautiful trip? The dried fruit note has also tried to diversify itself to match the leather from Yves Saint-Laurent and Noble Leather ... We can therefore easily imagine that the dried fruit note will certainly still stand out in the coming years. .


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