Hot milk in perfumery

Gourmet perfumes like the echo of childhood memories

Impossible not to have noticed it: the big trend in feminine perfumery of the last decade is of course the big comeback of sweet, fruity and above all gourmet perfumes!

The very first to have attempted this return to childhood is of course Thierry Mugler with Angel in 1992. The success was overwhelming, the perfume is still so cult even more than 15 years later! And of course many other creators have rushed into the breach of gluttony, the scents of our childhood, candy-like sugars, chocolate and of course notes of hot milk that go along so well. of buttered flavors, to squares of chocolate of course!

Perfume is the strongest link with emotion underlines Yvette Moretti, perfume designer. And clearly the notes of hot milk elegantly underline the emotion and the reminiscence of the toast snacks of our tender years. So perfumers redoubled their imagination to recreate this lactonic effect, already present in a large number of cosmetic products for a few years.

Hot milk or the lactonic effect in sweet florals and oriental flavors

The note of warm milk with sweet vanilla, milky and velvety scents goes of course very well with flowery scents but also with oriental scents.

One of the first to have tried the hot milk note was perfumer Issey Miyaké with “Le Feu d'Issey” in 1998. The pretty and powerful oriental offers aromatics and spices on a comfortable and enveloping base of guaiac wood. and hot milk. Thanks to lactones, the chemical result of the hot milk note, the powerful Orientals are comforted by tender and reassuring base notes of hot milk. “La vie est belle L'Absolu de Parfum” by Lancôme and “Bonbon” by Viktor & Rolf play on trends to offer a spicy oriental while bringing back childhood memories and reassuring scents of hot milk associated with caramel or chocolate.

As for the flowery scents, they explode with beautiful notes of white musks, smooth white flowers, and above all very clean, to offer tender and always white notes of hot milk as a wake. Like the pretty Pleats Please in Bloom by Issey Miyaké or even Tome 1: La Purity for Her by Zadig & Voltaire. Of course the flowers will also accommodate fruity and deliciously sweet notes velvety with notes of hot milk to offer gourmet delicacies in the bottle like Born In Paradise by Escada ...

The note of hot milk is therefore, associated with caramel, chocolate or vanilla, the current trend in feminine perfumery. On the other hand, do not look for a note of milk in men's perfumery, because apart from a few mixed juices, it seems that the note of milk hardly encourages virility or a new freshness ... But in perfumery anything is possible then?


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