Neroli in perfumery

Sweet notes of neroli

Neroli has a flowery and sweet scent. The initial smell is citrus and very tangy. Then, this smell alternates between the acidity of bergamot and the sweetness of mandarin. Gradually, the notes become more opulent and resemble a huge floral bouquet. In the background, there remains a very sweet, even greedy scent. For some, neroli echoes childhood memories, fresh sheets, the happiness of family vacations, the madeleines made by our grandmothers… The suave notes of neroli bring a feeling of tenderness. Neroli is positioned above all in heart notes, as with the perfumes which pay a true tribute to it, Neroli by Yves Rocher or Eau de neroli doré by Hermès.

The association of neroli and different olfactory fragrances in perfumery

Neroli is very often used in colognes. We also find neroli with floral notes, as in the famous perfume Jardins de bagatelle by Guerlain, in homage to the real garden. Here, the heart is made up of white flowers (neroli, jasmine, gardenia), which brings joy, lightness and sensuality. Associated with woody notes, Jardins de bagatelle is a suave and bewitching fragrance, which has not aged a bit over time. Neroli is also associated with woody, spicy notes, and it is found in some men, as in 1 million Intense by Paco Rabanne. Here, neroli is located in heart notes, accompanied by rose and cinnamon. In top notes, we find cardamom, pepper and nutmeg. In base notes, we discover leather,sandalwood and chilli wood. The spice cocktail softens with rose and neroli, and gives a scent that signals the return of male seduction… Paco Rabanne even speaks of an addictive fragrance!


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