Oud in perfumery

The oud rush

In the Middle East, oudwood is considered a divine manifestation that can purify our bodies and minds. In perfumery, the scent of oud wood is similar to the woody family. In a wake of wild beast and incense, this new scent reveals all the mysteries of the Orient. Powerful, dark and mysterious, the scents of oud are complex. At once woody, animal and amber, the notes of oud resemble the smell of sandalwood with something more… Some perfumers claim that oud is the new patchouli. Fashion, chic, modern or even trendy, oud is currently the darling of perfumers. In search of new emotions, the noses have made the oud, the new star. The compositions are then adorned with its delicate amber reflections. Great perfumers like Dior, Armani,L'Artisan Parfumeur and Caron have already created their fragrances with Agar scents

The oud and its associations with other olfactory families in perfumery

The oud wood is particularly highlighted when it is associated with noble materials. The rose reveals its femininity, the bergamot gives it an astonishing freshness, the vanilla and the tonka bean give it smoothness, the leather reveals its masculine side and the saffron gives it spicy notes. One of the most beautiful tributes to the oud is given by Yves Saint Laurent in his perfume M7. Here, the oud which is positioned in the middle note (with Haitian vetiver), is associated with amber and white musk as a base note… A warm and intense trail for this fragrance which offers an olfactory approach unique. M7 is a perfume for men of raw virility. The oud is present indifferently in male or female perfumes. Moreover, perfumes are often mixed, such as Precious Oud by Van Cleef & Arpels,a floral oriental. When oud meets flowers, it's an explosion of fragrances… A fragrance that leaves an incredibly sensual trail on the skin.

Oud wood is a resinous wood. Very popular in recent years, oud offers emotions highly sought after by perfumers. Woody, warm, sensual, oriental fragrances that reveal something never before seen The oud captivates all heads and fascinates with its unique radiance. It is however a rare wood and therefore very expensive, which exacerbates its sacred side. Indeed, through the oud, eroticism and the sacred seem to be resuscitated today.

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