Peach in perfumery

Peach, an irresistibly attractive flavor

If the peach attracts the nose, it is because it transmits its texture perfectly well. We then picture fleshy perfumes, a mixture of sweet and velvet, its nectar bringing a touch of sensuality. We perfume ourselves, and the illusion is then total! The first fruity fragrance, associated with flowers, paved the way for many compositions. "Anais Anais" from Cacharel was the pioneer in this area. Creamy peach, yogurt peach, juicy peach, stewed peach. Peach offers the creators of perfumes magnificent possibilities. In perfumes, the peach notes are reconstituted thanks to molecules called "lactones and gamma-undecalactone," which exist naturally.

The association of peach with other fragrances

Great, but exceptional association, that of peach with the scents of oriental perfumes. This is the case with the fragrance "Alchimie" by Rochas, where we find peach in the top note, associated with plum and bergamot. In the heart notes, we find jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley. In base notes, vanilla and sandalwood add the warm side of the perfumeThe result gives a breathtaking fragrance, which has been able to combine femininity, fruit, and seduction. The peach goes very well with the floral family because it affirms the sweet and light side. Many flowers are often associated with peach, as in the perfume Amarige by Givenchy. Here, peach is also in the top note with orange blossom, plum, and violet. In heart notes, we discover jasmine and blackcurrant. Vanilla is also present in base notes and warms the fragrance. Results? A woody warmth for an ultra-feminine fragrance, we can't resist it.

In perfumery, peach has brought its fruity, generous, fleshy side and its sparkling and fresh side. Today, creators are delighted to compose perfumes with peach. These scents are essentially feminine, but they are all different. Peach is often found with other fruits such as citrus or red fruits and woods such as musk or cedar. The undeniably feminine alliance is made a lot with the family of flowers. Fresh, fleshy, and juicy, the peach fruit is finally as excellent in our mouth as it is on our skin!


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