Pepper in perfumery

Chili, a very powerful spicy scent

Chili is the most consumed spice in the world. Its smell is certainly spicy, but very powerful, close to that of black pepper. The pepper gives depth to the compositions, but it also highlights more volatile notes such as citrus or floral notes. We will therefore find it mainly in the middle note. As an excellent fixer, chili will amplify certain fragrances of the top or base notes. Chili, like other spices, will be mainly present in oriental scents. A very fine tribute has been paid to him, through the Piment Brûlant perfume from the Artisan Parfumeur. Here, chili and chocolate are positioned in the middle notes. Suave, round and spicy Piment Brûlant is a fiery elixir… Seduction is within reach.

Chili and its association with other fragrances

Due to its power, the association of chili with other olfactory families is not obvious. Chili is part of very beautiful compositions, male or female, but mostly oriental fragrances, such as Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior, or Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. However, we can discover the pepper in woody compositions such as Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin. Here, the pepper, always in the middle note, is accompanied by musk, patchouli and vanilla in base notes, which brings a warm sensuality to the perfume. The top note pepper in a woody-floral scent, created a surprise in Sisley's Soir de Lune fragrance. Here, after a fresh start thanks to lemon, tangerine and bergamot, the heart is floral to perfection with mimosa, iris, jasmine,lily of the valley and rose… A powerful, nonconformist fragrance that invites you to a very particular moonlight.

Chili is a spice whose origin is uncertain as it goes back so far. Its scent is spicy, but its fragrance is very powerful. This is why the pepper is mainly integrated in oriental perfumes. There, it offers all its power, but also its astonishing warmth. Even if the pepper is part of very beautiful perfumes, it is seldom used with other fragrances. It is nevertheless present in woody, floral or gourmet scents.


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