Bonbon Pastel, the new Viktor & Rolf for summer



Bonbon Pastel, the new Viktor & Rolf for summer
Bonbon Pastel, the new Viktor & Rolf for the summer Bonbon Pastel, the new Viktor & Rolf for the summer

Pastel candy, Viktor & Rolf’s famous delicacy softens for summer 2019

After giving birth to two scent bombs, Flowerbomb and Spicebomb, the Viktor & Rolf house has decided to turn to the register of gluttony. Wanting, as always, to evoke a moment of pure pleasure, Viktor & Rolf offered themselves a regressive and greedy perfume, evoking for each of us a childish scent. This is how the Bonbon perfume was born in 2014. Full of tenderness and colorful, this juice immediately rose to rank among the most famous fragrances on the planet. Today, five years after its release, Bonbon returns to the forefront and offers itself a new variation. Focus on Bonbon Pastel, a new brighter and lighter fragrance by Viktor & Rolf.

Bonbon Pastel offers a brighter and lighter scent

Bonbon Pastel preserves the universe of its predecessors, while offering itself a new more airy and nuanced scent. Gluttony is still present but this time it wants to be slightly less opulent. To make this perfume, the Viktor & Rolf brand called on a duo of perfumers, made up of Cécile Matton and Serge Majoullier. Together, they imagined a caramelized but refreshing essence.

Bonbon Pastel opens first with a contrasting alliance of zesty bergamot and spicy cardamom. Mandarin essential oil is added for a more fruity effect, while a marine accord, called Aqual, further refreshes the whole. Gradually, the caramel is gaining ground. Bonbon Pastel is based on a greedy and sweet base, sublimated by a milky sandalwood, an amber accord and musk.

Bonbon Pastel, when couture and delicacies become one

For the record, ” Bonbon Pastel evokes the very first sketch of a Haute Couture dress: elegant and delicate, like a pastel sketch”. The result is a real explosion of pleasure on the skin, mixing the glamor of a femme fatale dressed in an evening dress, with the innocence of childhood. Bonbon Pastel plays in several registers at the same time. It is sometimes glamorous and conceptual, elegant and surprising, or more couture and provocative. Thus, he manages to fill every woman. It sublimates the femininity of the wearer, while offering a unique sensory experience.

The Viktor & Rolf bottle, a technical feat

The visual of Bonbon Pastel, meanwhile, is immediately identifiable. Indeed, its shape remains unchanged. It is still a huge knot of glass, the result of exceptional glasswork. Echoing its scent, its pink color lit up. It seems to take its power from the heart of this bottle, to gradually soften until it gains crystalline walls. For more modernity, the whole is topped by a chrome cap, on which is attached a small black wax seal, bearing the initials of Viktor & Rolf. The set is elegantly presented in a cardboard box, also decorated with the Viktor & Rolf seal and a pink bow, emblem of the brand.