Boss Bottled Tonic, a blend of freshness and elegance



Boss Bottled Tonic, a blend of freshness and elegance
Boss Bottled Tonic, a blend of freshness and elegance

A true staple of men’s perfumery, Boss Bottled perfume was born almost 20 years ago, in 1998. However, this timeless product is still talked about as much today. It is aimed at men of all ages and has won over a large audience thanks to its refined and bewitching flavors. Likewise, to perpetuate the myth, the Hugo Boss house tries to develop new variations on a regular basis. This is how the very last Boss Bottled Tonic was born . Fresher than ever, this is one of the most anticipated scents of 2017. So let’s take a closer look if it lives up to its predecessor?

Hugo Boss chooses a flavor very popular with men

After many revisits, it took some daring at the Hugo Boss house to dare to revisit once again its iconic perfume. However, it is clear that the bet was brilliantly won. Indeed, the brand delivers here a perfectly balanced juice while associating an infinity of contrast. Thus, Boss Bottled Tonic has a very fresh breath warming up little by little until it reaches a darker base and very clearly structured. Boss Bottled Tonic takes off with a blend of citrus fruits. The grapefruit releases a tender and bitter breath here, while the lemon gives it a certain acidity. The bigarade softens this start while being accompanied by a juicy and greedy apple. There, Boss Bottled Tonic does not shy away from its seductive side, combining aphrodisiac ginger with the incandescence of cinnamon. Finally, the whole evolves little by little to a more assumed virility based on vetiver. Boss Bottled Tonic seems to bring together all the facets of the different Boss Bottled that preceded it.

The very elegant visual of Boss Bottled Tonic

What is more, let us also note that Hugo Boss has paid particular attention to the visual of his new perfume. This is displayed in a very elegant bottle. The latter retains the silhouette of its predecessors. Resting on a glass seat firmly anchored in the ground, this bottle immediately gives off a feeling of refinement and power. His name is proudly displayed there, in relief, right on his glass. Finally, this time everything gives us a glimpse of a bluish juice whose scope is universal. Its metallic gray cabochon, meanwhile, gives more modernity to the whole. Finally, note that, to perfect the image of this perfume, Hugo Boss called on Gérard Butler. He has been the face of the brand since 2014. It must be said that he perfectly embodies the idea we have of this creative house. He is both determined and charming.