Carita Gelée des Lagons Make-up Remover Face, Eyes and Lips



Carita Gelée des Lagons Make-up Remover Face, Eyes and Lips
Carita Gelée des Lagons Make-up Remover Face, Eyes and Lips

Since 1956, the Carita brand has sublimated the beauty of women by offering them high quality cosmetic products and treatments. 11, rue du Faubourg st Honoré will thus be transformed into a magnificent and large beauty house with the appearance of the 1st Parisian spa. If today, the Carita brand has been bought by the Loréal group, its products have not changed. Even cosmetic first aid, such as “Beauty 14 fluid” or the “Progressive care line” are still very popular! Here, the Carita brand presents its “Gelée des Lagons Démaquillant”.

Carita Gelée des Lagons Make-up Remover, the benefits of a hydro-energizing treatment

The “Gelée des Lagons Cleanser” is a hydro-energizing treatment. Here, the jelly of the lagoons gently removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips. Its secret comes from the water of the Polynesian lagoons, rich in essential minerals. Its benefits are found in its components. Dotted with hydrating and energizing microbeads, your Blue Lagoon jelly is creamy and deliciously fresh. Removed, your skin is supple and toned. Your complexion, for its part, is more luminous, day after day.

Our secrets to using Carita’s Cleansing Lagoon Jelly

Make your skin discover the most effective make-up removal, a jelly that removes make-up from the face, eyes and lips at the same time. Carota “Gelée des Lagons Cleanser” is intended for all those who feel tightness in certain areas of the skin, or also when streaks appear on your cheeks when you smile. It is advisable to apply your Lagoon jelly, with your finger or with a cotton ball soaked in water. Massage gently, in upward movements, then rinse with a cotton pad soaked in Eau des Lagons, a moisturizing lotion that leaves the skin clear and the complexion radiant. You can apply the ”  Gelée des Lagons Carita Make-up Remover” »In the morning when you wake up and at bedtime for perfect hydration. Its pale blue green bottle and packaging transport us directly to the blue lagoon waters of Polynesia …

Carita’s “Gelée des Lagons Démaquillant” is a make-up remover suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Thanks to its precious active ingredients and its Lagoon water, your make-up remover will remove impurities from your face with delicacy and depth. For more beautiful skin, every day.