Carita Ultra-Repairing Beauty Mask 14



Carita Ultra-Repairing Beauty Mask 14
Carita Ultra-Repairing Beauty Mask 14

Certain products of the Carita brand were acclaimed as soon as they were released and continue to satisfy women. Among them, some are also legendary such as the SOS Nomade Care or the Beauty Fluid 14. Tightness, irritation and redness are the daily lot of dry skin. These simply lack water and need specific care. You should know that the skin is made up of 70% water and any water deficit, makes it ultra-sensitive. This is why Carita presents its Beauty Mask 14 Ultra-Repairing Balm Mask.

Carita, Beauty Mask 14 Ultra-Repairing Balm Mask

Inspired by the mythical Beauty Fluid 14, the very emblem of Global Beauty, the Beauty Balm Mask 14 is an SOS treatment. In fact, in an instant, it relieves particularly dry areas of the face, body and hair. Concentrated in hazelnut, corn and macadamia oil, your Carita Mask nourishes, repairs and visibly softens your skin as well as your dry ends. Rich in vitamin E and shea butter, the Beauty Mask 14protects against drying out, dehydration, but also against external aggressions such as wind or cold. Its texture is unique. It is as fine as it is delicious, but more than anything it is smooth when applied. From the first application, this creamy texture offers a delicious velvety finish. Your skin and your hair will then find flexibility and infinite softness.

Tips for using your Carita Beauty Mask 14

You can apply your Carita Mask as often as needed in a thin layer on the lips and dry areas of the face and body, as well as on the ends of your hair. Your Beauty Mask 14 is contained in a 50 ml golden bottle. Its silver cap then brings a final touch of femininity.

Carita Beauty Mask 14 Ultra-Repairing Balm Mask follows on from the legendary Fluid 14, the real star of Carita products. Particularly rich in vitamins and oils, your Beauty Mask 14 protects your skin, but also your hair against dehydration and dryness.