Caron Semi-Free Powder



Caron Semi-Free Powder
Caron Semi-Free Powder

Caron’s expertise in nomadic format in its Semi Loose Powder

It was in 1904, thanks to Ernest Daltroff, that the Maison Caron moved into the world of cosmetics and Haute Parfumerie, at 10 rue de la Paix in Paris. Since that day, Caron has never ceased to follow beauty trends while bringing his extraordinary expertise to them. If the recipes of the Caron house are kept secret, the notoriety of its products, on the other hand, has gone around the world.

This is particularly the case with Caron’s Semi-Free Powder. This is a beauty essential , applicable to everyday life and easy to use to follow your hectic pace of life.

Caron products with you everywhere

More than ever, women are everywhere at the same time. Their pace of life has changed considerably over the past century. Now they work, take care of the children, have hobbies and don’t stop for a minute. However, they try to keep their beauty intact and hide their sometimes tired look under make-up products highlighting their natural beauty. Also, among the famous cosmetics used by makeup professionals, Caron powder is exemplary.

This is why it is now reinventing itself in a format adapted to the modern lifestyle. It has been completely redesigned in a nomadic version. From now on, Caron Powder is Semi Free and can be taken everywhere with you. Thus, it allows you to make small makeup touch-ups during the day. Its formula remains identical to that of the original. Its result is therefore unchanged and only its mode of application changes. The Semi Loose Powder is then available in two different textures allowing it to adapt to all skin types. Likewise, it is designed for normal to combination skin and can be used on a daily basis.

The composition of Caron Semi-Free Powder

Caron Semi Loose Powder is composed of pure mineral elements and contains no preservatives. The quality of its raw materials is irreproachable and absolutely worthy of all the know-how and reputation of the Caron house. What is more, its manufacturing method consisting of stirring its crushed pigments several times gives it an incredible lightness. Its pressed powder is then released under the action of its half-moon shaped brush. Simple circular movements allow this legendary product to be applied all over your face, making it more radiant than ever. What’s more, the Caron Semi Free Powder recipe is also enhanced with zinc oxide, magnesium and kaolin. Thus, it ensures optimal coverage while combining it with an antibacterial agent.

The radiance of your complexion will never have looked so natural while remaining matte whatever the circumstances. What’s more, Caron’s Semi-Free Powder benefits from the EPV label, that is to say Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, awarded to French houses with excellent artisanal know-how. In other words, using Semi-Loose Powder means having a pledge of exceptional quality that has been recognized for decades.