Cartier – La Panthère Evening Edition



Cartier - La Panthère Evening Edition
Cartier – La Panthère Evening Edition

The return of La Panthère de Cartier in the Evening Edition

The story of La Panthère de Cartier began in the Roaring Twenties and returned, in 2014, in a perfume composed by the talented Mathilde Laurent. Indeed, as the latter explains, “All women have a feline side in them, as each flower expresses an animal side in her heart. This is how she thought of her nectar and she developed a juice that is both seductive and refined for the Cartier house. Also, in this fall 2016, it returns in an even more luxurious and seductive vision called La Panthère Edition du Soir . Prepare to reveal your animal and indomitable side …

The choice of the panther as a Cartier icon

The panther is the only animal of all animals that naturally smells good. The panther exhales a scent that is agreeable to all other beasts, which is why it hunts by hiding and attracting prey with its scent. This is why the Cartier house decided to make it a perfume. To do this, the brand called on the talented Mathilde Laurent. She graduated from the Institut Supérieur International du Parfum and worked at Guerlain until 2005 before joining the Cartier group. Today, she is one of the most renowned perfumers on the planet and, as such, received the Specialists’ Prize and the Perfumer Prize at the 2010 Grand Prix du Parfum. Mathilde Laurent therefore composed La Panthère de 2014 and s ‘is responsible for reinterpreting it this year. This time it’s about a luxurious, feminine and glamorous scent. Woman is seen in her most savage and independent aspect. It is both refined and contrasting, like a starry night combining the deep color of a black sky and the golden light of the Moon. This juice is halfway between classicism and modernity. It combines a carnal floral bouquet in its heart with more intense and animal notes of musk. Everything is both tender and vibrant as if to better attract us and intoxicate us.

Le flacon fascinant de La Panthère Edition du Soir

Likewise, on the bottle side, La Panthère Edition du Soir reappropriates the design of its predecessor. It displays a geometric silhouette that hides the sculpture of a panther’s head in its heart. The face of this feline is here sculpted directly from the glass, displaying a square and angular jaw. This bottle has retained its orange hue and is topped with a metal cap with solar reflections. However, today everything is embellished with an elegant black hat evocative of the night. The Panthère Evening Edition is then available in two versions, in 50 and 75 ml. Everything is the result of genuine technical prowess and is the work of unprecedented know-how that only a jeweler such as Cartier could reappropriate.