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    Cartier L’Envol Eau de Toilette, a limpid fragrance synonymous with adventure



    L'Envol Eau de Toilette, a limpid fragrance synonymous with adventure
    L’Envol Eau de Toilette, a limpid fragrance synonymous with adventure

    Since 2008 and the men’s perfume Roadster, the Cartier house had not developed a niche fragrance to speak of. Until then, she had been content to create reinterpretations of her iconic Declaration or Eau de Cartier fragrances. As much to say to you that, when L’Envol appeared, during the summer of 2016, it immediately made people talk about it! A sort of elevation of the spirit to the sky paying homage to the pioneers of aviation, L’Envol immediately aroused the fascination of men . It is therefore in this context that Cartier has today decided to transform this first Eau de Parfum into an Eau de Toilette.

    Cartier’s tribute to Alberto Santos-Dumont

    Through L’Envol Eau de Toilette, as with its predecessor, the Cartier house wanted to pay tribute to the famous Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont. Moreover, this is not the first time that he has inspired the Cartier brand. A collection of the brand’s watches also bears his name. The aviator was an illustrious friend of the Cartier family and appears to be an atypical character in our history. He was always thirsty to travel and discover the impossible. The motto of this dreamer thirsty for knowledge and discovery could have been: “See everything, go everywhere, know everything and say everything”. However, it is precisely this philosophy that we find in L’Envol Eau de Toilette. This fragrance encourages men to surpass themselves and always learn a little more about the world but also about themselves.

    The new olfactory takeoff of L’Envol Eau de Toilette

    L’Envol Eau de Toilette begins to take off with citrus citrus notes. Moreover, it is precisely on this point that it makes a real difference with its predecessor. Indeed, it is much more sparkling and fresh than its Eau de Parfum version. L’Envol Eau de Toilette then places guaiac wood at the center of its composition. This dry, smoky ingredient brings out more masculinity beyond the clouds. It is associated with a comfortable and syrupy breath of honey. Finally, the musk subtly sublimates the whole and reinforces its tenacity and sensuality. Everything is delivered to us in a bottle resembling that of its elder brother. This glass container returns us the splendor of a sun juice surmounted by a finely chiseled chromed metal ring.

    A fragrance made by Mathilde Laurent

    As always, L’Envol Eau de Toilette is the work of perfumer Mathilde Laurent. After a deug in chemistry, as well as a diploma obtained in the most prestigious school of perfumery, the ISIPCA of Versailles, this ambitious woman managed to rise to the highest peak of her profession. She is now the head of the perfume sector of the great jeweler Cartier. If this profession came to her by chance, she admits that today she is totally passionate about her work and perceives each of her creations as a part of herself. Thus, it participates in their manufacture in their entirety. “When I create perfumes,” she says, “I also participate in the development of their history, in the choice of their name, in the development of their packaging and in the training of sales advisers. Olfactory expertise does not stop at perfumes, ”she explains.