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Cartier - The Panther
Cartier – The Panther

La Panthère de Cartier, a juice full of animality

Theophrastus once said: “The panther is of all animals the only one that smells good naturally.” The panther exhales a scent that is agreeable to all other beasts, which is why it hunts by hiding and attracting prey with its scent. Well, it looks like Maison Cartier has decided to transform you into this animal. In 2014, the brand decided to create a fragrance in his homage, a juice that is at once floral, oriental and woody.

The Panther as a symbol of femininity

If Cartier has chosen here to give us the image of a panther, it is not only in reference to his naturally seductive body odor. In fact, Cartier made it its emblem very early on. Symbol of femininity and power, this feline became the jeweler’s icon in the middle of the Roaring Twenties. Cartier then saw in this animal an almost divine incarnation of female rebellion.

La Panthère is thus presented as a fragrance synonymous with freedom. The women who wear it live their lives with passion, feeling free to fulfill themselves fully and free to love and seduce. However, it should be noted that a perfume called La Panthère had already appeared within the brand in 1987. Of course, this new juice is inspired by its predecessor and seems to crystallize its opulence forever. This one returns three decades later and gives us an adaptation of its timeless trail in a more modern format. The whole displays an incomparable seduction, placing the woman as the new queen of the animal kingdom.

A collaboration between Cartier and Mathilde Laurent

To create this fragrance, the Cartier house called on a very renowned perfumer. La Panthère is signed by Mathilde Laurent. It must be said that between the Cartier brand and the designer, it’s a story that lasts! We also owe him the perfumes Baiser Volé, Baiser Fou, Declaration of an Evening, Cartier de Lune, Eau de Cartier or l’Envol to name a few. Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, she graduated from the prestigious ISIPCA perfume school in Versailles. Coming from a family of artists, it was a meeting with Jean-Paul Guerlain that turned his life upside down and determined his destiny. Mathilde Laurent has, since that day, been rewarded with multiple prizes.

She notably won the Grand Prix du Parfum in 2010, as well as the Grand Masculin prize in 2012 and the Ofactorama prize in 2013. Here, she chose to make La Panthère a paradoxical juice, at the at the same time charming, solar, sensual, floral, tempting, irresistible and seductive. The latter is revealed around an animal heart revealing the salinity of each woman. La Panthère is an ambiguous and narcotic juice in which the gardenia emerges like a caress, overhanging the sensuality of an abstract musk. White flowers, on the other hand, highlight the tenderness of this perfume while the whole is structured with patchouli and cypress wood.

The Maison Cartier continues to write its history with its brand new La Panthère fragrance, an emblem and signature that alone sums up the brand, since 1847.

La Panthère Perfume – A Double Tribute

La Panthère is the new perfume for women from Cartier, the launch is scheduled for March 2014. La Panthère, the new Cartier perfume draws its inspiration from the heritage of the house: the panther, symbol of the brand was also one of the first perfumes of the Cartier house called: Panthère dating from 1986. The Panther was also the nickname of Jeanne Toussaint, the mistress of Cartier, his muse as he nicknamed her. The bottle of the brand new La Panthère de Cartier perfume is elegant, it conveys an intimate and artistic image, the aestheticism of which enhances the brand. The gold color of the bottle is a nod to Cartier jewelry, the most prestigious in the world which was directed in 1933 by Jeanne Toussaint. She contributed to the development of the Cartier brand through her creativity and thoroughness.
The Panther is an animal that is becoming increasingly rare, as rare as precious stones. Synonymous with agility, flexibility and charisma, the Panthère represents the Cartier house.

Cartier La Panthère Perfume – A Jewelery Perfume

La Panthère de Cartier Perfume is like a piece of jewelry. Its daring and unique fragrance is enhanced by a luxurious and symbolic bottle. La Panthère, the new Cartier Perfume, is a continuation of the spirit of the Cartier jewelry house. Its bottle is a symbol of French elegance. As with all other fragrances, the Parfum de Cartier La Panthère is original, rare and unique, enhanced by a setting worthy of the most beautiful diamonds. For its brand new La Panthère perfume, the Cartier house to pay the greatest attention to all details. La Panthère de Cartier perfume is like an adornment, it sublimates and matches everyone’s skin. The bottle emphasizes the sensual and carnal character of the fragrance. This new La Panthère de Cartier fragrance draws on the traditional inspirations of the parent company,

Parfum La Panthère Cartier – Flacon Symbolique

Erin Wasson Egeria of La Panthère Cartier
Erin Wasson Egérie de La Panthère Cartier

A première vue, le flacon La Panthère de Cartier, fait penser à une photo-cube (gravure de verre en 3D). Comme si le flacon avait été sculpté à l’intérieur au laser. La tête de la panthère, symbole de la maison Cartier apparait en relief. Les créateurs du flacon, La Panthère de Cartier, ont fait le choix d’obtenir un rendu très sobre, sans représenté la panthère telle que l’on peut la voir dans les publicités pour Cartier, avec son beau pelage et ses tâches jaune pâle marqué sur son visage. Sur le flacon, seul le visage est représenté, il prend ainsi toute la forme de la bouteille, on est comme nez à nez avec le félin.

La Panthère Cartier – Son égérie Erin Wasson

Le flacon est luxueux et simple avec des couleurs or montrant le visage stylisé de La Panthère. L’égérie de la campagne de Pub Cartier pour son tout nouveau parfum La Panthère n’est autre que le modèle Erin Wasson, connu pour son style bohème. Le parfum sera disponible à partir de Mars 2014 en Eau de Parfum 30, 50 et 75 ml. Le nouveau parfum féminin de Cartier La Panthère est un symbole de la liberté en 2014, elle représente une femme indépendante, gracieuse et rebelle. Le Perfume, La Panthère de Cartier, est sensuel et audacieux, avec des notes floral et chyprée. Il a été créé par le parfumeur Mathilde Laurent, on retrouves des notes centrales de gardénia et de musc bestial.

Parfum – La Panthère de Cartier

Le sommet de la composition est un mélange fruité-vert sous la forme d’une molécule d’acétates de styrallyle, contenant des nuances de rhubarbe, de fraises, de fruits secs, de pomme et d’abricot. Le cœur est dominé par la gardénia, choisie comme fleur principale pour estomper le caractère oriental excessive du parfum et c’est aussi un ingrédient que l’on retrouve beaucoup moins dans les nouveaux parfums. Le Cétone de musc et la mousse de chêne fournissent un caractère de Chypre irréfutable.

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Fruité – Vert

Notes de têtes : Rhubarbe, Fraises, Fruits secs, Pomme, Abricot

Notes de coeur : Gardénia

Notes de fond : Cétone de Musc, Mousse de chêne, Chypre

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