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    Cerruti 1881 Signature, a perfume with a strong temperament



    Cerruti 1881 Signature, a perfume with a strong temperament
    Cerruti 1881 Signature, a perfume with a strong temperament

    If the Cerruti brand has been talked about a lot lately following the closure of its historic store, Place de la Madeleine, in Paris, this does not suggest a bad patch for the brand, quite the contrary. Cerruti firmly intends to further develop its brand awareness in Europe and Asia. In this sense, the brand has just reinterpreted one of its greatest perfumes. Cerruti 1881 Signature is currently making its appearance and seems to transform the freshness of its predecessors for a more assertive and spicier character than before.

    The natural charisma of the Cerruti man

    Cerruti is a brand whose name alone is enough to create a climate of refinement. Moreover, this is precisely what emerges from the original Cerruti 1881 perfume. It was initiated to make men travel directly to the Italian Piedmont where the brand originated. Thus, Cerruti 1881 is the perfume of a virile man who does not need to demonstrate it, at the same time authentic but modern, elegant and charismatic. This was made in the image of “the raw freshness of the water that springs from the rock”. What’s more, Cerruti 1881 never shied away from his Italian origins.. Its scent is similar to a feeling of calm felt on a hot summer day when you sit under a huge umbrella pine to cool off. Cerruti 1881 is like a moment out of time, privileged and resolutely Mediterranean. If it instantly conquered the hearts of men when it was released in 1990, its notoriety has remained intact. It must be said that Cerruti never stopped reinventing him to make people talk about him. So what can her new 2017 scent have in store for us?

    The new Cerruti 1881 Signature

    Cerruti 1881 Signature is an unmistakably urban and modern fragrance. This one has a personality in its own right, an immediately recognizable signature. Cerruti 1881 Signature is akin to a sensual and elegant cocktail of spices. Thus, the Cerruti house seems to have developed this perfume in the image of one of its most beautiful costumes, endowed with a certain depth and a natural charisma. Cerruti 1881 Signature begins with a very contrasting breath linking the bitter freshness of grapefruit with the spicy and incandescent flavor of pepper and nutmeg. Then, the heart of this perfume becomes more sensual and dares to assemble leather, cardamom and labdanum. Finally, Cerruti 1881 Signature ends with a real breath of elegance. This is based on a duo of vetiver and patchouli further enriched with the sweet aspect of amber. Cerruti1881 Signature is delivered to us in the iconic Cerruti bottle . As if cut from a thick block of glass, it forms a rectangle of sandblasted glass. This time it is completely covered with a black lacquer, as if the Cerruti man is becoming more mysterious than before. Its name is then engraved in relief on its front face. The whole is at the same time very refined while maintaining a very virile and daring raw aspect.