Chloe and the faces of the woman



Chloe and the faces of the woman
Chloe and the faces of the woman

When the beautiful Chloé Signature came out in 2008, the Chloé fashion house revived with perfumery to intoxicate us with flowers and sensualities in a romantic and chic cocktail just like the house. A true ode to femininity and to the distinctive style of the house of Chloé, Chloé Signature wants to embody the Chloé spirit in a unique fragrance.

The return to perfumery of the house of Chloé with a trendy floral fragrance of Chloé

The Chloé house was created in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. Since then, the big names in fashion have followed one another like Karl Lagerfeld in the 60s or Stella MacCartney in the 80s. The latter also brought what makes the image of the house today. hui: freshness, daring and a touch of rock romanticism. It is in this spirit that the Chloé Signature perfume was masterfully composed by Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie.

“Both fresh and romantic, full of confidence and original, this rich and complex Eau De Parfum [Chloé] embodies the many facets of the Chloé spirit. »Chloé for Chloé Signature.

Chloé had already produced three fragrances previously: Chloé in 1975, Narcisse in 1992 and Innocence in 1996. For 10 years no new olfactory products saw the light of day until Chloé Signature in 2008. The return to perfumery of the very famous high-end house -couture was a resounding success thanks to this Chloé more contrasting and feminine than ever, just like the woman of the new millennium.

In order to represent the different faces of the Chloé woman, the house chose three absolutely divine muses: Clémence Poésy, Chloé Sevigny and the model Anja Rubik. Each of them will be photographed in a black and white felted universe where only the angelic face and the perfume count. Their natural beauty tinged with a touch of impertinence will be the very symbol of this protean and modern Chloé.

Sensual and so feminine roses for a beautiful and romantic Chloé

The pretty, delicate and deliciously retro Chloé bottle is inspired by the pleats of a Chloé blouse sleeve to draw pretty flutes in the rectangular glass. The silver fret and hand-tied satin ribbon bring the touch of elegance and sophistication needed by all Chloé women.

Like a “walk in the rose garden”, Chloé opens with airy and floral notes of freesia and peony accompanied by the fruity and delicate touch of fresh lychee. In the heart, the velvety of rose, magnolia and lily of the valley are caressed to better coat the honey from its depths. Indeed amber, white musk and cedar are enveloped in sensual and deep powdery notes.

“Intimate and sensual, the Maison’s signature fragrance is inspired by the classic rose, the quintessential feminine scent, to create a modern and timeless fragrance. »Chloé for Chloé Signature.