CK One Summer 2019, the new Calvin Klein fragrance



CK One Summer 2019, the new Calvin Klein fragrance
CK One Summer 2019, the new Calvin Klein fragrance

CK One summer 2019 by Calvin Klein, a maritime fragrance in a pop’art bottle!

Calvin Klein is famous in the world of luxury for its still very current elegance and its very visionary side. Calvin Klein has the gift of taking a fresh look at the world and of being part of a register that is always refined and avant-garde. In this context, the brand gave birth to one of the most adored perfumes of the 90s, a mixed essence that symbolizes an entire generation: CK One, an androgynous fragrance highly appreciated for its freshness and generosity. Released in 1994, this fragrance has already been reinterpreted many times , notably for limited summer editions, an annual tradition established since 2004. Once again, CK One takes on a new summer face. For its Summer 2019 edition, it becomes more maritime than ever and is embellished with an infinitely colorful pop’art bottle.

When the sea spray invites itself at Calvin Klein

Let’s first explore the scent of this new perfume. More than ever, in this summer 2019 season, Calvin Klein wanted to be inspired by the sea to bring freshness to your hot sunny days. With CK One Summer 2019, a wind of dynamism takes hold of your daily life! This fragrance begins with an original accord called “Icelandic Blue Lagoon”. As its name suggests, it is an infinitely fresh and invigorating breath, seeming to emerge from a bluish lagoon worthy of a postcard captured on the other side of the world. Then, his heart takes us rather in the direction of Japan. CK One Summer 2019 takes care of matcha tea, a raw material much appreciated for its freshness and high chlorophyll content. Finally, CK One Summer 2019 gains in depth thanks to its driftwood base.

CK One Summer 2019 offers a colorful and customizable bottle

To contain such a perfume, Calvin Klein has chosen to revisit the appearance of the previous CK One perfume., while still retaining the initial shape. Thus, its new bottle takes on the refined appearance of a flask of Jamaican rum. Its robust and rounded shape is equally suitable for the feminine as well as the masculine gender. The whole is topped with a screw cap, as if to evoke the appearance of a simple bottle of water. This can be preserved or replaced by a vaporizer. The transparent sandblasted glass of the first CK One has disappeared in favor of a lacquered white, and covered with a pop’art style inscription. The word “Summer” is inscribed in a disproportionate way on its front face, while seeming to come directly from an American comic of the 50s! Finally, a little additional detail that is important: