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    CK One the Calvin Klein perfume



    CK One the Calvin Klein perfume
    CK One the Calvin Klein perfume

    CK One the androgynous fragrance of a whole generation

    If Calvin Klein has been known in the United States for both its label and its perfumes since the mid-1980s, in France the house is known later. It is with Escape then with the phenomenon CK One that Clavin Klein will explode in France in the 90s. During the first year of its release in 1994, CK One was ranked number 1 in world sales of perfumery, it is tell the magnitude of the phenomenon symbolized by the beautiful androgyne scented!

    The iconic perfume of the 90s: CK One by Calvin Klein

    Be clear, CK One is not only a pleasant unisex fragrance, it is a generational fragrance that condenses in fresh and sensual scents all the values ​​of the youth of the 90s. CK One is a perfume, but also a concept, a concept in “l’Air du Temps” that fits perfectly with the aspirations of the youth of this turn of the century.

    Moreover, it was by observing his daughter, then a teenager, that Calvin Klein was inspired for CK One. Like her friends, the young lady likes to share everything with the boys: music, clothes, lifestyles … The young people of the 90s form clans, where boys and girls are equal, we speak of a “fusion of genres” where tolerance and sharing are key values. What could be better then than to offer these young people a perfume that exalts their values ​​and their new way of life? Under the aegis of Calvin Klein, Alberto Morillas and Harry Frémont will give birth to CK One.

    In addition to the genius olfactory concept, Calvin Klein will present CK One under advertising campaigns totally calibrated to appeal to this young generation. Because CK One “honors the individual as part of a whole. CK One’s commercials make you want to be part of this very cool gang, like that of the most popular students in high school! “. Without forgetting that the one who will emerge from these very “cool” visuals and videos for CK One will be the star in the midst of a meteoric rise , Kate Moss of course!

    Thus the overwhelming success of CK One would seem to be explained according to one of its creators by a winning combination of daring bets: “The smell, the bottle, the advertising campaign, the magic did the rest”, summarizes Alberto Morillas for 20 Minutes .

    Freshness and sensuality for a revolutionary and universal CK One

    The CK One phenomenon is of course also linked to the simplicity of its bottle designed by Fabien Baron. Frosted glass and aluminum cap, CK One appears with purposely refined lines to the maximum. With the 90s marking the start of an important collective ecological awareness, the CK One bottle will be entirely designed to be completely recyclable. The cardboard case is also made without any solvent or cellophane, a revolution there too!

    CK One offers a dazzling start of bergamot and mandarin combined with the natural beauty of dihydromyrcénol, known as a new freshness note. At the heart we discover a “so British” tea note which will come together with an innovative hedione note and which is more delicately jasmine and pink. Pineapple and cardamom will form a unique exotic aromatic duo against these flowery hearts. Finally musk, amber and sandalwood reveal an intense sensuality offering this beautiful androgynous CK One the leisure to blend with all the most beautiful skin …

    “The times demand authenticity. The freshness of CK One, the transparency of its bottle, the elegant purity of its advertisements espouse these aspirations. Madame Figaro for CK One by Calvin Klein.