Clarins and its Concentrate Multi-Intensive Eye area



Clarins and its Concentrate Multi-Intensive Eye area
Clarins and its Concentrate Multi-Intensive Eye area

Treat the entire eye area with Clarins Multi-Intensive Eye Area Concentrate

The Clarins brand has acquired over the decades an incredible expertise in the care and knowledge of the epidermis. Well aware that each part of our body has specific needs, it declines its formulas to meet the needs of each part of our body as closely as possible. The gaze area, in particular, is particularly fragile. It is also more quickly marked by the visible signs of time. To help you sublimate it and preserve your youth over the long term, Clarins has designed the Concentrated Eye Multi-Intensive treatment. Exceptional products, it treats the entire area of ​​your gaze, and brings you multiple benefits.

The results provided by the Concentrate zone Regard Multi-Intensif by Clarins

Clarins Multi-Intensive Eye Concentrate treatment is intended for the eye contours, and helps you neutralize the marks of aging. It is suitable for all types of skin and aims to make the eyes of all women over 50 shine. This cream is particularly concentrated and rich. It brings together many plants and shows extraordinary efficiency. Clarins’ goal is simple: to help you go through time while retaining your beauty and your eternal youth. From then on, hormonal changes will no longer have any impact on your eyes. Clarins Multi-Intensive Eye Concentrate instantly lifts the eyelids. It attenuates deep wrinkles as well as crow’s feet. It redensifies the eye area, it illuminates it and makes it more radiant. Finally, it beautifies the eyelashes. Clinical tests have been carried out to prove its effectiveness. 81% of its users say that the signs of fatigue around their eyes are considerably reduced.

The ingredients contained in the Concentrate zone Regard Multi-Intensif by Clarins

To achieve such results, Clarins brings together several natural ingredients. The Multi-Intensive Eye Area Concentratefirstly contains harungana. A true elixir of youth, it is an African healing tree renowned for its multiple therapeutic properties. It serves locally as an antiseptic and healing. Here, it promotes the synthesis of collagen, and makes the skin firmer. It is associated with albizia, an Asian plant whose wispy flowers have a silky appearance. Used in cosmetics, albizia is used to reduce dark circles. This raw material promotes firmness and radiance of the skin. It prevents the degradation of the fibers of the dermis and protects the walls of the blood vessels. Guarana, meanwhile, comes from the Amazon. Sacred plant to the Indians, it is renowned for its fortifying and stimulating properties. Likewise, guarana is anti-oxidant. Furthermore, its richness in caffeine destocks fats and prevents the appearance of bags under the eyes. Finally, the Concentrated Eye Multi-Intensive area treatment also contains cupuaçu, a fruit of the same family as cocoa. Very rich in nourishing fatty acids, it offers exceptional comfort to the skin.