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    Clarins Self-Tanning and Rehydrating After-Sun Balm



    Clarins Self-Tanning and Rehydrating After-Sun Balm
    Clarins Self-Tanning and Rehydrating After-Sun Balm

    Treat yourself to the most beautiful tan with Clarins Self-Tanning and Rehydrating After-Sun Balm

    Summer is always a popular season for fashionistas. After all, what better time than the summer to bask in the sun and perfect the pretty golden color of our skin? If the sun’s rays are particularly good for morale, they are nonetheless very aggressive for our skin. So, even if you are wearing sun protection, it is very important to rehydrate your skin after your exposure. This makes it possible to prolong the tan and to avoid having too dry skin. At the same time, for even more visible results, Clarins has incorporated a self-tanner into its Rehydrating After-Sun Balm.

    Why should you hydrate your skin after sun exposure?

    The sun very strongly dries the epidermis. Indeed, under the action of heat, the water which is present in the heart of our skin cells tends to evaporate. This makes it less comfortable and accelerates its aging. This is why it is very important to hydrate your body with specific care to repair the damage caused by UV rays. The after-sun balm combines multiple beneficial effects. First of all, it is refreshing and is very pleasant on the skin after a day in the sun. After-sun balms soothe small bursts of superficial heat and strengthen skin hydration. All these elements make it possible to sublimate the tan, to make it more satiny and to make it last much longer.

    How does a self-tanner work?

    Unlike the action of the sun, self-tanner has no impact on skin health. This product acts thanks to DHA, an active molecule which naturally colors the epidermis. The self-tanner gives a pretty golden color to the skin without ever drying it out. In addition, most of them are now enriched with anti aging active ingredients. So your skin is immediately more beautiful, but it also stays that way over time.

    The double effectiveness of Clarins Self-Tanning and Rehydrating After-Sun Balm

    As you will have understood, the Self-Tanning and Rehydrating After-Sun Balmcombines these two actions into a single product. This after-sun treatment is suitable for all types of skin and should be used after each exposure to the sun. It moisturizes the skin and soothes it. Thus, it intensely quenches skin cells and makes them more comfortable. It preserves their youth and helps your body to regain all its freshness. At the same time, its self-tanning action tends to accentuate and perfect the tan you have acquired during your exposure. For best results, we recommend that you apply the balm evenly after each of your exposures. However, since it is a slightly coloring product, remember to wash your hands after spreading it on your body. Likewise, wait for the product to penetrate the heart of your skin before getting dressed.