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    Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge Lacquer + Base



    Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge Lacquer + Base
    Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge Lacquer + Base

    Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge, shine at the end of the lips

    Founded in 1968 in the United States, the Clinique brand represents care and beauty, but also respect for the skin. Clinique has really changed the codes of feminine beauty . All these products are tested, they are also suitable for each type of skin and 100% fragrance-free! From the start, the Clinique brand created a revolutionary treatment, the “Basic 3-step”, to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Clinique puts the same energy and the same technology in the realization of its cosmetics. Between care and expertise, Clinique presents its Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge lipstick. This lipstick follows the successful launch of its Clinique Pop Rouge Intense .

    Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge, intense shine in a single step

    Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge lipstick is the combination of an intense pop color and an ultra shiny effect. In a single gesture, your lips are luminous and dazzling in color . Thanks to its integrated smoothing base, Clinique lipstick offers you 6 hours of hydration, during which the color and shine will be intact. Soft, your lips also sport a luminous color. The oval tip allows a very precise application, even to draw the outline of the lips. Apply a drop to the lower lip, and stretch the material down the length of your lips. Clinique Pop Lacquer Rouge lipstick is available in 6 colors, from passion red to rebellious plum, to give the effect of biting and particularly sexy lips!

    Pop Lacquer Rouge lipstick gives your lips an intense pop color as well as exceptional shine. Bright, your lips are perfectly hydrated for 6 hours!