Code Colonia the new male Armani



Code Colonia the new male Armani
Code Colonia the new male Armani

The distinguished and fresh elegance of the Armani man

Armani Code, the pretty bestseller of the Armani house, was born under such good hospices that every year, since the release of its original juice in 2004, a new and more surprising variation is offered on the market. In January 2017, it will be the distinguished and dazzling Armani Code Colonia which will be offered by the sparkling Chris Pine to men looking for a tonic and elegant fragrance while being racy.

Armani Code Colonia or the elegant casualness

Armani Code appeared in 2004 to offer a universe of cinematic elegance and beauty to men looking for a fragrance that is as glamorous and sensual, as it is aromatic and fresh. Faced with the success that the beautiful fragrance won with men, Armani offered every two years from 2012 a new flanker in order to explore all the facets of this new “sport chic” man. Between Code Ultimate, Code Ice, Code Sport and Code Profumo, it’s hard not to have found a scent on your neck!

However, like many current perfumes, Armani Code still lacked the Cologne version, with Armani Code Colonia it will be done in January 2017. Chris Pine, more seductive than ever, will be adorned with an outfit and a more allure. relaxed than usual with his beard of a few days. However, the light blue background matching the delicate color of Code Colonia juice will create a brighter universe with a new look, without losing any of the Armani elegance.

Seductive by his apparent simplicity, the man of Armani Code Colonia, would he need no other asset than his perfume?

When fern mingles with orange blossom to illuminate Armani Code Colonia

“When I started working on this perfume, I immediately wanted to keep its fern spirit, so magnetic and virile, and I added freshness and elegance to it by marrying this note with a sweet orange blossom accord ”specifies Armani Code Colonia star perfumer Antoine Maisondieu.

Moreover, the slender bottle of Armani Code will retain its sober elegance while tinting for the occasion with delicate and precious bluish reflections, a sign of pure and elegant freshness. However, fear not, Armani Code Colonia’s pretty midnight blue cabochon will of course keep its black tuxedo belt, Armani signature oblige!

As for the top notes of this lovely Code Colonia, they of course rise towards pretty tones of hesperidia based on an accord of bergamot and tangerine similar to the eldest of this venerable Armani Code family . However, the pink pepper mixed with these citrus fruits spices up this entry to strengthen it better.

Then the fresh and aromatic heart of clary sage and amyl salicylate will meet the pretty orange blossom which will bring the originality of its flowery, fruity and sweet facets to the fresh composition of this Colonia Code.

Finally, the trail transports us to the woody depths that have made the success of the Armani Code family thanks to amberwood, tonka bean and powdery notes of heliotropic.

“I find that a man is much more elegant when he is sober in his dress and when he knows how to wear with ease and casually even the most informal clothes. »Giorgio Armani. So this beautiful and distinguished Armani Code Colonia was created in this image: simplicity and naturalness. Will it be the perfume success of 2017?