Composition of the fragrance L’Homme Prada



Composition of the fragrance L'Homme Prada
Composition of the fragrance L’Homme Prada

L’Homme, the new woody fragrance from Prada

Today, men appear to be particularly refined beings who like to take care of themselves. Thus, they take pleasure in affording cosmetics as well as perfumes. This is why more and more brands are developing pairs of fragrances. Where women have the leisure to appropriate a gourmet and floral scent. Men can now get their manly olfactory equivalent. Also, this is the case in 2016 at Prada. The brand offers us two niche fragrances: Prada la Femme and Prada L’Homme. So, once is not customary, let’s take a closer look at the composition of Prada male juice.

Prada calls on Daniela Andrier

In order to achieve this essence, the Prada house collaborated with the perfumer Daniela Andrier. The latter symbolizes the very elegance of the perfume sector. Very sophisticated and refined, she displays a taste just as pronounced for her outfits and her jewelry as for her perfume creations. The latter has been passionate about smells since her earliest childhood. She never stopped memorizing all the scents of her daily life, from her baby cream to her grandmother’s perfume, including the emblematic Chanel No. 19 worn by her aunt. Something rare enough to be underlined, Daniela Andrier did not come from a family of perfumers. It was a friend who introduced her to the famous Jacques Polge, creator of Chanel perfumes and who allowed her to do an internship at the Robertet perfume factory. The machine was launched and Daniela Andrier today has many bestsellers to her credit. Also, it is all his passion for scents and his creative spirit that we find withinPrada The Man .

The assumed masculinity of Prada L’Homme

Prada L’Homme is described as a very manly and contemporary juice. The latter combines amber and iris, ingredients that are among Muccia Prada’s favorites. Prada L’Homme does not hesitate to immediately display the solar impertinence of man through neroli and black pepper. Its heart, meanwhile, does not lack refinement and highlights the elegance of the iris as well as the more powdery facet of the violet. Geranium then completes this floral palette while adding a spicy aspect. Finally, it all rests on a deeper base containing cedar and patchouli. The whole is particularly vibrant and very attractive.