Dance with Repetto offers a perfume box



Dance with Repetto offers a perfume box
Dance with Repetto offers a perfume box

Dance With Repetto, a tribute to classical dance in a new box

The Repetto house has always been closely linked to the world of classical dance. Indeed, it all began in 1947, when Rose Repetto made dance shoes for her son. Since then, the brand has never ceased to make people talk about it and to seduce the greatest dancers on the planet. Inspired by this artistic universe, Repetto now makes perfumes, a pledge of energy, freedom and emotions. This is how the Dance With Repetto perfume was born in 2018. Dance with Reptto Floral recently took over. Today, for ever more pleasure, it can be rediscovered in an original box.

Dance With Repetto, a fragrance in line with the women’s movement

Inspired by the world of dance, and as its wavy bottle suggests, Dance With Repetto is inspired by movement. He seems to be carried by an overflowing enthusiasm and an unalterable passion. Dance With Repetto alone expresses all the richness of the feelings and emotions of a dancer treading the stages of the largest performance halls. It expresses indomitable energy and boundless freedom. A concentrate of femininity and purity, Dance With Repetto is in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the House of Repetto . With such strengths, its new box has something to seduce many women of all generations …

The elegant box set of Dance With Repetto

Dance With Repetto comes in a fairly minimalist and refined box set, with a conventional form. In other words, it’s a square, cardboard box, designed in shades of dark blue and powder pink. The Repetto R stands out from its front face, while capturing the surrounding light. The name of this perfume, Dance With Repetto, on the other hand, seems to be written directly by hand on its front face. Inside this elegant container are hidden three different products. Of course, the Dance With Repetto Box contains the eponymous perfume spray, in a 60 ml format. It is accompanied by a rich and creamy body milk, taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Finally, to be always more beautiful, right down to the fingertips, the Dance With Repetto Box also contains a Repetto varnish.

The gourmet and very floral scent of Dance With Repetto

The presentation of this new box is a unique opportunity to rediscover the Dance With Repetto fragrance. The absolute embodiment of femininity, it contains many flowers. Magnolia and freesia give it an extreme luminosity. Heliotrope turns out to be smoother and more powdery, while peony puts more emphasis on delicacy and lightness. Jasmine trades this airy sensation for opulence and a more assertive character. At the same time, Dance With Repetto is also a fragrance loaded with gluttony. To awaken our taste buds, he relies on a typical Parisian delight: a raspberry macaroon. Its base is more woody and balsamic, bringing together tonka bean and vanilla from Madagascar.