Dare For Men, the embodiment of sex appeal



Dare For Men, the embodiment of sex appeal
Dare For Men, the embodiment of sex appeal

Created in the 1970s, woody scents most often evoke travel, freedom and escape. What is more, they are also a strong symbol of masculinity. No wonder then that the latter are particularly on the rise. Also, the Guess brand seems to have understood this well and decided to ride this trend. Indeed, the latter has just announced the imminent arrival of a brand niche fragrance intended for men. Dare For Men should thus see the light of day by the middle of 2016. It is, moreover, already described as being a particularly sexy woody and spicy juice, like its female counterpart . In other words, it already displays some of the most attractive characteristics.

The image of the new Dare For Men

Dare For Men is then presented as being the perfect male echo of its female predecessors. Indeed, it succeeds the Dare essence of 2014 and Double Dare of 2015. It was then a question of a daring woman and on her, a bit provocative while retaining its touch of recklessness. The artistic director of Guess said: “The Guess Girl is sexy and adventurous. This perfume will make young girls want to take risks, to live fully and to continue to go beyond conventions. Also, it is exactly this image that is referred to in the new Dare For Men. These ambitions are simply declined for men but remain absolutely identical.

Dare For Men is then described as being the juice of a sexy, free and adventurous man … An image that has enough to seduce many men and make more than one woman fantasize! What is more, this temperament is displayed even in its bottle. Indeed, Dare For Men has a particularly contemporary and absolutely seductive setting. Everything is tinged with gray and is adorned with resolutely modern accessories. Its cap strongly resembles a signet ring. Its name, meanwhile, is affixed on a metal plate with a very industrial style. Everything is therefore particularly in tune with the times.

The complex scent developed by Guess

Also, in order to develop its niche fragrance, Guess called on the perfumer Jacques Huclier, a particularly renowned nose, working at Givaudan and to whom we owe a good number of successes like the very famous A * Men or Ricci Ricci. He then chose to start the smell of Dare For Men with a particularly striking rise. This fragrance immediately takes on the zesty and tangy intensity of bergamot, a fruit with a scent halfway between that of lemon and bitter orange. What is more, as if that were not enough, this citrus is here disheveled with a breath of white pepper. Nevertheless, these two ingredients are somewhat softened by the woody and balsamic scent of juniper berries. Then, everything starts again with a vengeance at the level of his heart.

Indeed, Dare For Men contains geranium, a plant known for its floral aspect and its spicy scents. This is accompanied here by the opulent and sweet richness of jasmine as well as the warmer voluptuousness of cashmere wood. It all ends with a most captivating wake. Dare For Men draws its intensity from the strength of patchouli. Cedar, for its part, releases its woody masculinity. Finally, the whole ends with the sensual animality of musk.