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    Dior Prestige and its exceptional Anti-Aging treatments



    Dior Prestige and its exceptional Anti-Aging treatments
    Dior Prestige and its exceptional Anti-Aging treatments

    The skin is a particularly complex cellular system. Also, the biggest luxury brands are developing ever richer and more successful formulas to take care of it. However, some people have particularly fragile skin. If this one needs special treatment, this is all the more true with age. The most delicate skin tends to be more marked by the signs of aging and not all treatments are suitable for taking care of this fragile system. This is why Dior Prestige has developed complex formulas in order to meet the precise needs of these skins. Dior Anti-Aging Exception will restore all the youth and radiance of your 20 years to your skin while taking care of it on a daily basis.

    The particular rose used by Dior Prestige

    In order to sublimate delicate skin, Dior Prestigeuses, in each of its formulas, Granville rose. This one is particularly recognized and was notably classified first price at the International Competition of New Roses of Paris-Bagatelle. This plant growing in Normandy, not far from Mont-Saint-Michel, alone embodies all the beauty of femininity, youth, gentleness and voluptuousness. It has a soft pink color with a white hemmed heart. Its touch is fine and silky, almost satin, as soft as a caress. Its regular vegetation inspires harmony and tenderness. What’s more, its scent is as delicate as its visual. Nevertheless, although all these properties are already exemplary, Dior has selected this plant for its direct benefits on its skin. It is endowed with an exceptional regenerating and perfecting action encrusted in the hollow of all the layers of the skin. This plant seems to have a magical power capable of taming all visible signs of aging. Thus, your skin texture will be considerably smoother and finer, endowed with a radiant glow and as soft as a caress. You will no longer have anything to envy of the most beautiful of flowers …

    The different actions of Dior Exceptional Anti-Aging skincare

    The first action of Dior Anti-Aging Exceptional skincare is to cleanse and prepare the skin on a daily basis. These remove dust and dead cells. This helps to reduce the presence of impurities on the surface of the epidermis. In addition, they ensure good hydration of the skin on a daily basis thus, it is more receptive to the treatments offered to it. In addition, Exceptional Anti-Aging treatments are designed using multiple active ingredients with targeted actions. These adapt to all your needs and enhance the youthfulness of your beauty. They respect the natural balance of the skin while giving it a second youth. Dior intends to reveal your radiance potential and prolong it for many more years. So, you too, let yourself be tempted by theDivinely smooth and enveloping Sovereign Cream from Dior Prestige… Unless you prefer Night Nectar or Revitalizing Satin Cream?