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    Diorblush Splendor, the new generation blush



    Diorblush Splendor, the new generation blush
    Diorblush Splendor, the new generation blush

    It was in July that Dior presented its Haute Couture collection to us for fall winter 2016. Embroidery, pleats, accessories,… nothing was left to chance, and especially not the makeup. Like a fashion creation, it was made to measure for each of the 45 models. Also, among the beauty essentials that day was a brand new Dior product named Diorblush Splendor .

    The very careful design of the Dior case

    The new Diorblush Splendor presents itself in the heart of a rectangular case. For lack of having the largest makeup artists in the world at your home, an angled brush facilitating the application of this product is provided to you in its box. The whole is very refined and the compressed powder is like sculpted from the material of the name of Dior and shapes almost similar to sequin. Thus, a direct link is established between the couture spirit and the make-up of the house of Dior.

    Diorblush Splendor, the essential tool to highlight your natural beauty

    Diorblush Splendor comes in a slightly pearly apricot tone. Thus, it gives the complexion warmer reflections and an almost invigorated mine while adapting to all skin tones. For a healthy glow, all you need to do is apply it using the flat brush on your cheekbones. On the other hand, for a contouring application redrawing the shape of your face by playing with the shadows, it is advisable to use the bevelled edge of its applicator brush in order to shade your temples. To do this, suck the inside of your cheeks and highlight with a line of blush the hollow that emerges on your face while making circular movements. This will help draw the oval of your face while hollowing out your cheekbones. Your natural features will only appear finer.

    However, for an even more professional result, know that Dior also offers the Backstage Blush Brush N ° 16, specially designed for this purpose and used by home professionals. It has an oblique shape that will perfectly fit the flattering shape of your cheekbones as well as the hollow of your cheeks. You are now ready to join the next Dior fashion show!