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    Diorlisse or have perfect nails




    Diorlisse, smoothing polish, the best for your nails

    Founded in 1947, the Christian Dior house symbolizes the revival of the post-war period. His “New Look” is successful, with women, but also with the media. The same year, Christian Dior imagined his first perfume “Miss Dior”, in tribute to his sister Catherine, whose nickname was that. Representative of French luxury and beauty, the brand has accumulated numerous olfactory triumphs such as “Sauvage, J’Adore, Poison” and “Dior Homme” . In 1969, the brand created a cosmetic line including makeup used by professionals.

    Diorlisse smoothing care varnish, a varnish that protects your nails

    Diorlisse smoothing care varnish is a real revolution in the world of nail beauty. Indeed, Diorlisse sports a unique and absolutely perfect skincare formula. Diorlisse nourishes, whitens your nails while strengthening them. Natural, pink or apricot, the Diolisse base smoothes all the streaks as well as the imperfections of your nails. The surface is then shiny, radiant with beauty and health. Day after day, your nails become ultra strong and impact resistant. Diorlisse polish smoothing treatment can also be used as a base for your polish. Available in “Rose petal” or “Snow rose” colors, Diorlisse is applied to the bare nail, alone or as a base of varnish. One coat is enough.

    True nail care, Diorlisse smoothing care varnish is a total care for the nails. Because it nourishes your nails, whitens them and also strengthens them, Diorlisse smoothing treatment gives you ultra-resistant and so beautiful nails !