Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse, new Dior foundation



Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse, new Dior foundation
Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse, new Dior foundation

Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse, when perfection and lightness become one

Foundation is a product that women find it hard to do without. And for good reason… He works real miracles! It allows you to erase in a single pass all the small defects of our face, whether they are pigment spots, dark circles or small pimples. In other words, it allows you to have a real porcelain complexion in a snap! Yes, but here it is, in general, the more it is covering and the less it lets the skin breathe. Dior has therefore focused all its research on this problem and on finding a solution: Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse.

Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse: a covering but light foundation

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is a new generation and high performance complexion set. Its texture ensures flawless coverage. Thus, it hides all the small imperfectionsand makes your skin perfectly smooth. The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse in a single pass erases the visibility of the pores of the epidermis. However, its airy foam lets the skin breathe. It ensures a particularly matte and long-lasting finish. Its texture is powder-free and offers an eminently natural finish. Its foam does not stick and is non-greasy. It thus melts almost instantly on the skin and leaves no material effect. The result offered by Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is completely homogeneous and applying it is child’s play. The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse spreads on the finger, like a cream, and leaves no demarcation.

The advantages of mousse foundations

Like all foam foundations, Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is particularly appreciated by oily and combination skin. Indeed, it has the property of absorbing excess sebum. What’s more, its texture is very flexible. Thus, it allows to accentuate more make-up of your “problem” zones and to keep the hand lighter on the other parts of your face. However, your makeup is still very uniform.

The care active ingredient in Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse

Finally, like all products from the house of Dior, Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is enriched with intelligent care , and directly infused into the heart of its formula. The latter specifically targets the problems of excess sebum allied to dilated pores. Its texture helps to mattify the skin and reduce shine for sixteen consecutive hours. Despite everything, Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse does not dry out the epidermis and hydrates it continuously. It thus creates a real feeling of comfort from early morning until evening. In addition, this effect is further enhanced thanks to its formula enriched with a polymer source of softness. You will never have felt so good about yourself!