Elie Saab Bourbon Leather perfume



Elie Saab Bourbon Leather perfume
Elie Saab Bourbon Leather perfume

Bourbon leather, the sensuality of a unisex juice according to Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer known for his look gracefully combining the modern aspect of Western and Eastern cultures. He thus combines multiple noble materials to bring them together in ever more fascinating creations. Thus, when Elie Saab imagines a perfume, it is thought of in the image of his couture. This is in any case the effect produced by the brand‘s new Bourbon Leather fragrance.

Elie Saab’s love for leather

Cuir Bourbon is a perfume that pays homage to one of the textures most appreciated by designer Elie Saab . Indeed, leather is an emblematic material of this brand and Elie Saab very often enjoys dressing the most beautiful models in the world with this texture that is at once elegant, daring and sensual. In addition, leather is considered to be both a natural material, which can bring refinement to an outfit without forgetting to add a rock ‘n’ roll side to it. Also, this is precisely what we find in the Leather Bourbon perfume.

The composition of Bourbon Leather

Cuir Bourbon is a fragrance that we owe to one of the greatest perfumers on the planet, the talented Francis Kurkdjian. He imagined a unisex fragrance that can be associated with both men and women, like a leather jacket. Bourbon leather has an animal facet that is revealed through musk and suede. These ingredients help to considerably strengthen the eroticism of this fragrance. Likewise, as if to sublimate the nobility of this perfume, Elie Saab has also incorporated one of the most expensive spices in the world: saffron. Finally, the impertinence of this red gold is further softened by the warm smoothness of vanilla. Everything thus turns out to be particularly balanced. Likewise, it should be noted that this olfactory release is also accompanied by three other novelties, namely Cuir Absolu, Cuir Ylang andPatchouli leather .