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    Elie Saab – L’Eau Couture



    Elie Saab L'Eau Couture
    Elie Saab L’Eau Couture

    Discover the brand new Eau Couture by Elie Saab …

    Eau Couture Perfume

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    Eau Couture is the olfactory continuation of Prêt-à-porter Spring-Summer 2014, the designer’s collection, in an ethereal fabric as light as flower petals, a fusion between woman and nature. It captures the ecstasy of blossoming nature in an urban spring setting. Francis Kurkdjian imagined L’Eau Couture as a whole new tribute to freshness, which leads sensuality to absolute sophistication. Eau Couture reinterprets accords in a way never seen before.

    Elie Saab L’Eau Couture Perfume

    Elie Saab L'Eau Couture Pub
    Elie Saab L’Eau Couture Pub

    Elie Saab’s L’Eau de Couture Perfume reveals an unexpected facet, inspired by the ephemeral period when flowers bloom in Spring, releasing slightly almondy notes. Like its traditional aromas of honey. The scent is like a poetic whisper. Its subtly textured floral freshness, confirmed by the complex transparency, is an echo of sun-drenched femininity. A fusional accord of crisp almond green unites the flowers with the bed of vanilla at the base of the fragrance. An irresistible infusion of vanilla reveals the transparency of the floral notes, which buries it in an aura of dependence, creating a soft and luminous trail.

    L’Eau Couture by Elie Saab an elegant bottle

    Elie Saab L'Eau Couture Case
    Elie Saab L’Eau Couture Case

    Dressed in an elegant aqua green box, the facet of the bottle reveals a crystalline green juice. Radiance and transparency resonate like an echo of the original freshness of this niche fragrance. Eau Couture allows us to discover freshness as a promise filled with emotions. It invites us to dive into new sensations born from the lightness associated with the novelty of spring.

    Woman Perfume

    Olfactory family

    Head Note: Floral – Fresh

    Heart Notes: Vanilla – Honey

    Base Note: Floral

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