Eros by Versace, an erotic fragrance



Eros by Versace, an erotic fragrance
Eros by Versace, an erotic fragrance

Eros is a masculine fragrance from Versace. Everything about him evokes the world of Ancient Greece, starting with his name of the Greek God. Eros then symbolizes all that man has most sensual and Versace seems to have stolen his perfume to deliver it to us in an elegant sculpted blue bottle.

Eros, half god, half modern man

Eros is the latest masculine fragrance from Versace. The objective of the latter is then to sublimate the very essence of the male. Also, it proudly bears the name of a Greek god. Oh yes, nothing more ! Eros was the name of the god of love, symbol of creative power and who gave his name to eroticism. You will understand, just the name of this perfume says a lot. This juice sublimates the man. He mixes his mysterious side with his power, thus creating a deep desire. Also, in the hollow of this blue case lodges a particularly fresh essence. This combines the burst of mint leaves with a more citrusy side of lemon zest. These ingredients then bring the power of Eros. On the other hand, its erotic and sensual side comes from its oriental tones. Eros is as disturbing as a caress and delivers a delicious blend of vanilla, amber and Tonka bean. Finally, its wake continues this momentum and ends with a scent of Atlas and Virginia cedars, vetiver and musk. His sensuality is striking and Versace gives us here a sublimated and quivering virility. This perfume perfectly embodies the love, beauty and desire embodied by this Greek god… Qualities which are now available to you thanks to this essence. This nectar appears to be an offering from the gods designed to elevate you to the highest level and for you to finally unleash all the power that is within you.

Versace immerses us in ancient Greece

In order to promote this highly prestigious perfume, Versace has therefore chosen to immerse us in Ancient Greece. The idea was then to take the image of a half-poetic, half-erotic man. The television spot will certainly delight the fairer sex since the atmosphere is particularly “caliente”! In this case, it is the model Brian Shimansky who was chosen to embody this sexy hero with the stature of your dreams. This video highlights the Greco-Roman atmosphere dear to the brand. We are plunged into the heart of a storm worthy of the wrath of Zeus. The commercial was produced under the artistic direction of Donatella Versace while the posters are the work of the photographic duo Mert & Marcus. The music in the commercial, meanwhile, is an unmarketed song from Street Furniture Music.

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