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What does musk smell like?
Is it possible for a perfume to roar? Is there a purr to be heard? Is 'sex-in-a-bottle' possible...? Musk is the only substance that has the power to produce such results. Perfume Posse describes musk as "speaking carnally in whispers or screams..." Most of us use perfume to make ourselves more attractive. Therefore it's in almost every fragrance we smear, squirt, or spray on our skin.

Musk, on the other hand, serves a purpose beyond this.

In the hands of a perfumer: it softens, balances, and repairs (adds staying power and keeps a fragrance on the skin while stopping other short-lived ingredients from disappearing too fast).

It has a skin-like scent.

Even more so, it's divisive: the original musk comes from a particular deer species, the Tibetan musk deer, whose sex gland secretion has become endangered. However, since 1979, this creature has been thankfully protected by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). A decline in the population was expected since it required 140 of these animals to generate one kilogram of perfume component.

However, the usage of musk dates back to the 6th century, when Greek explorers brought it back from India.

Its sensual properties were further refined by Arab and Byzantine perfumers (such as Al-Kindi). The appeal of musk expanded along the trade routes for silk and spices.

Of course, we'll never know who decided to use this powerful component in a perfume at some point along the road. After all, musk oil smells a little like excrement when it's raw.

It's oddly fascinating... and yet, and yet, and yet.

a well-known German perfumer, Phliip Kraft, beautifully portrays the love-hate-it intricacy of musk.

As one examines the character of 'natural musk tincture,' it becomes more contrasted, lively, and oscillating, including: repulsive-attractive, chemical-warm, sweaty-balmy, acrid-waxy, earthy-powdery, fatty-chocolate-like, pungent-leathery, fig-like, dry, nutty-and-woody.

It's been shown that a handkerchief infused with natural musk oil can still be smelled 40 years afterward.

Today, perfumers employ a wide variety of synthetic musks, ranging from sweet, fluffy musks to nearly metallic variants rather than the real thing.

The perfume business has spent many millions of dollars on finding substitutes for this key component, including patented notes like Galaxolide, Andoxal, Nirvanolide, Celestolide, Velvione, and Helvetolide.

This is the kind of work we'd want to do if we had the opportunity...

In addition to ambrette seed, galbanum, and angelica root extracts, other components like these may also give a scent a musky quality.

Those who are allergic to one or more of the musk components may have trouble detecting musk, although this is very rare.

Try to get a whiff of musk in the following fragrances:

Isha Musk

A magnificent symphony of musical notes, Isha Musk invites you to participate in its singing. This scent isn't afraid to accept praise. Even if you don't receive a verbal praise, this fragrance has a powerful gravitational pull. You'll get a lot of "Is that you?" questions if you wear your Isha Musk sphere about town. You can walk into your own sillage since the projection and sillage are so good. With longevity, you'll always know what you're wearing when two days later, a text comes in stating, "I still smell you". This is a must-have for your vast collection of opulent scents.

Ice Musk

The encroaching heat of summer casts a joyful fragrance your way, and the beach breeze's citric tint pierces into a fresh lemon scent. There is an exhilarating impact from the exotic fragrance of rosemary and roses from the heavens. You are tempted and seduced to the utmost by the lovely scent of fragrant lavender, which permeates the air. An ethereal spring evening is brought to life with the scent of sweet-spicy sandalwood. The pleasant scent surrounds you with a distinctive and captivating atmosphere that lingers with you throughout the day.

Vapeurs de Gate

Hyacinths give out a sweet-spicy fragrance as you walk down the beach, elevating the atmosphere to one of sensuality. The breeze seems to carry this scent. Pineapple essence's enticing aroma transports you to the beach, where you'll feel like having a good time. The gentle and sweet iris scent is calming. In order to produce the perfect scent, jasmine and pink pepper extracts work together to form a magical circle around your person. With delicate and warm vanilla and amber scent, the musk patchouli evokes an exotic sensation for you.


With hints of lily of the valley and peony, Adeline is reminiscent of a newly cut Turkish rose drenched with morning dew. As the scent develops, it turns into a delicious concoction with notes of lychee and rhubarb spiked with nutmeg. Vanilla, white musk, and frankincense provide depth and intrigue in the background. The ingredients have been well incorporated. It's all-natural, ultra-refined, and bursting with fragrance.

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